Any illustrators, painters, etc? I haven't been able to find a doodler's group.

Perhaps they're still wandering around after the mysterious loss of TSPE?

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      Hello.  We do still have some artists in the group Scribblers' Den but we're mostly writers.  I also recognize a name, or two, in the members list here from the old SPE, but I have no idea if they're currently active.  Me?  Sorry, but I have a hard time drawing a straight line with a straightedge.  If there isn't an artist's group here, you might start one yourself, if you're feeling ambitious.

Ah, so they've taken refuge with the writers. I might look into starting a Doodler's Den, but maybe sometime later if the site grows a bit.

 By the term "visual artists" are you referring only to those who create 2D art such as painters and cartoonists?

Well I figured there are already costume artists, modders, builders, etc. here but those are a more 3D, functional kinda art. Writing is its own kind of art. I also consider photography a "visual" art, but the gallery is full of photos so we've gotta have some of those too.
I didn't notice much drawing, painting, photomanip etc. so I was wondering if anyone else would be posting that kind of thing.
I am finding a few other doodlers here the closer I look tho. I'm surprised there's not a group


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