Greetings all. Let me jump right to it. I need a little assistance. I would like to get my wife a professional photo shoot,steampunk style. For her 40th birthday. I'm finding it hard locate the right studio. We live in east Texas. I am willing to travel up to maybe 1500 miles. I would prefer west/north but it's not a deal breaker. Considering the time and money I'll likely be spending, I want someone spectacular. Please, I would appreciate any recommendations. I will post a detailed review of who ever we use. And any pictures , that my wife will allow, when we return.
Thank you.

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Do y'all have the props and costumes already or do you need some assistance with that as well? If you already have all of that, then it should be not too difficult to find someone who perhaps specializes in fantasy or cosplay shoots :) If you would like we have a sister project on facebook(the Steampunk Alliance Network) that has gotten rather large, perhaps you would want to share this on there as well?

We have nothing. I was hoping to find someone who was already set up. I guess I assumed there would be something like that out there. I hope I wasn't wrong. I've seen pictures online that look like "glamour shots" but steampunked. The setting, the gear, clothing and makeup. 

I'm sorry, I don't know of anyone off the top of my head. However I would be more than happy to help you set up an outfit, and I'm sure it would be more reasonably priced to do it that way as well! It would be very expensive to have steampunk costumes in all sizes and styles at the ready and I'm sure a venture like that would cost a LOT. If you know a little bit about her I would be more than happy to help you put something together and I am certain there is a cosplay or fantasy photographer that has the perfect location in mind near you!

I also just saw that last bit-a lot of times steampunkers will collaborate with a photographer who handles the setting and maybe even the makeup/hair. The outfit is usually what a cosplay or steampunk type model brings to the table unless a photographer is paying the model and put out a call for a model size whatever for an outfit they have in mind.

Thanks for the assist. I am finding roadblocks all over the internet. I've seen so much great looking stuff out there and I just assumed I'd be able to find a studio that was already equipped. But you are right of course. That would be an expensive set up. It appears I will have to rethink my plans.  

Thanks again


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