So, here's the back story I, after much thought, have come up with for my steampunk persona, Valarian H. Vol:

Valarian never much liked taking orders.  That's why everyone was surprised when he went and signed up for the United States Aeronautical Division (USAD).  However, when he passed Aerial Drop Vanguard Commando (ADVC) training at the top of his class, they stopped laughing.  When he survived his first live combat jump, on the barren plains of Mars Zone VI, they were surprised.  When he was awarded the Silver Tag for outstanding dedication to duty, they were impressed.

The fact was, Valarian had a dark secret.  Two, actually, one leading to the other.  He kept them hidden away, in the darkest corners of his mind, where not even the High Lord's Psychomancers could find it. All his fellows knew was that he hit hard and got the job done.  They didn't ask any more questions  The fact that he could take a bullet to the chest without flinching was simply ignored, brushed under the rug.  The ADVC needed soldiers, especially good ones.  They needed Valarian.

However, he's always looking over his shoulder, wondering when his dark past is going to catch up to him...

Let me know what you guys think.  Was considering adapting this into a few books.

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