Tell me, steampunkers.

What clothing items are essential in your steampunky wardrobe?

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Def my black pinstripe lapelled vest, pocket watch, and my leather topper. Pants vary from dress to my canvas work gear. Colors of shirts and ties switch up. On, and my armaments and utilities ;) i integrate fashion and function.

I enjoy the uniform very much. So an escot with matching slash or belt. Suit coat with assorted ribbon of no particular significant as to not "fake the funk of actual valor". Leather holster across my chest, knee high lehter boots, armored pith helmet with googles. And to top off the uniform, detachable moustache... as I am not able to grow my own handsome feature. I have not had a decent picture of this display as of yet, but perhaps in the near future.

hard list . . .sexy band collar western shirts , puff ties , fancy double breasted vests  in brocades n silks , long dusters[black best] more later

Royal blue corset, black shirt and skirt,derby bowler hat, my black boots, zebra striped ribbon belt, blue lace gloves, blue hand bag to carry potions and my potion holder for the belt.   Accessories:  Antique locket, icean amulet of power, pocket watch, potions, and spell book.  Oh and goggles...can't forget them.


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