The cloud glider has returned to its home dock. It's crew busies itself with the chores of setting up stalls and getting its wares on display for the public. These treasures range from silks and spices of the East to the jewels of the West. One particular member, the Captain of the Emerald, is tucked away in her cabin with her maps and private treasures. In her place, a large man of African decent stands shouting orders and keeping the crew in check. But do not worry, behind that large physique is a kind soul who would gladly lead anyone to the captains quarters if she is needed. 

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*A tall man wearing a black robe with dark brass shoulder armor walks in. He quickly looks around, before walking to the wares*

[NOTE: this is not Valarian Vol from the "Rejected Gear" RP. It is a different character I'm developing.]

Lily's interest was perked by the armor. Sitting up in her chair, she would smile sweetly. "What can I do for you sir?"

Wares -
Thirteen silk scarves
Six amulets
Four Daggers
Six foreign garb outfits
A pile of animal pelts (Rabbit, Fox, Mink)

*the man bows deeply* greetings. I am Gregory A. Kadeen. I am a protector-monk of the Temple of the Gauntlet. I have come seeking supplies for the temple and the townsfolk. *he looks around warily* however, I do believe my departure was not unnoticed...

She would give a slight tilt of the head, her arms crossing over her chest. "And just what kind of supplies are you looking for?"

Clothing, such as those scarfs and the garb. How much coin would they cost? *something moves just outside the door, giving Gregory a worried look*

Her attention perked to the door, her hand immediately going to her dagger. "Six gold bits for all of 'em." 

What would it cost to buy the scarves and the outfits, if I may ask?

Eighty two.

*the man pulls out a small bag and opens it, revealing a number of platnum coins*


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