A place for those who feel outcast or forgotten by the steampunk community or in life. Grab a chair, have a drink, and have a jolly good time with jolly good company. There are people in the world who suck and this is an escape.

The underground life isn't for all be we are out there.


My name is Alex ,the owner, and I'll be your bartender

Along with Ara, the other bartender


And Simon, the Demon King Monkey!

Welcome to the world of steampunk, and If you are new we will gladly help you with anything you need. And check us out for whiskey Wednesday's, where whiskey is free.



There is an underlying story and/or parts there of, that is followed from the Airship Alicia Grey and The Airship Battle Royale. It is not the main focus of the Gear, but It does happen from time to time. The events are scripted at first, but remember your input changes the script. 

This role-play bar, is a light hearted dose of fun. It has its serious moments but the Spirit of the Gear is about comradery, having some drinks, and experiencing everything and anything. The more veteran gear posters will help out the newer Gear Goers with any questions, or ideas.

The gear is designed to help develop your characters if you would like. Feel free to message T.R. Harrison, Arabella Porter, or myself, if you have any questions.







We have a skype room:

[Currently Under Renovation]

World's End(The underground of the RG)

DISCLAIMER: Chat is unfiltered and uncensored, join at your own risk and if you have an issue with it you do not have to participate. This is a back room off welcome. The rejected gear and all afiliated persons are not accountable for the skype chatroom.


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*Lady T'luluh Poulpé strolls into the place with her sidekick, Carlow McKcraic'n, perched upon her shoulder* Umm...*clears throat*...excuse me. I'm new around here. I need a drink. And why is there a child in here? *points to the bottle of wine for a glass to be poured*

Brielle tenses up as the child's arms wrap around her, and then she melts for the little lost soul and returns the hug. She notices a new woman with an octopus perched upon her shoulder wandering in and looking for a drink. 

Scooping the child up and standing, she smiles to the woman. "Hello...my name is Brielle." She nods her head in the direction of Arabella. "And this is the lovely Arabella, serving as our bartender for the night!" She smiles sweetly and then looks down at the child, a puzzled frown working its way onto her face.

With a flutter of wings and an excited cry, the little red-headed flyer takes off for the back room away from the octopus. "Ahem, you'll have to excuse my little friend there. He had a horrible experience involving a monkey-eating spider and considers anything with more than four legs a threat." Rising out his chair and extending his hand, the Sgt. offers his name. "Sgt. Ian MacBrooke, of the 92nd Dragoons regiment of Princess Louise."

*Val stops and looks at the newcomer, before stooping down to pick up the bottle of wine and a glass* you wanted a drink? *he sets the glass down on the bar and pours the lady some of the rather expensive-looking wine*  I'm Valarian Vol, resident mechanically enhanced angel.

*Ara shakes her head at Valarian* Ok, Mr. heavenly messenger. You may be the resident angel round here but I'm the bartender! *she pokes her nose* silly angels. Alright, bring her her drink but only this once!

   *she looks to the little kid* Apple juice?  *the kid gives her a blank stare* No juice? what about a cookie? Have you eaten? *For a moment he reminds her of Aurelian when he was little* The boy tilts his head to the side. Until Arabella figures it out.*  .....English?  *the kid tilts his head to the other side*Francais? *blank stare* hm.... espagnole? *blank stare* yiddish?  *blank stare.*

*Looks at Valarian with a coy smile* Why, thank you so much. *takes a delightful sip of wine*

Nice to meet you all. I'm just passing through. That's the plan anyway. But I can stick around for a bit.

*looks in wonder at Ara & Brie with the child*

And don't mind Carlow. I believe he's harmless. *shrugs & hands glass to Carlow to hold with a tentacle while taking in the sight & new folk*

She smooths the child's hair down and whispers in his ear, 

"Where did you come from? You seem very very lost....you know the word mother, so do you speak english? Or has someone scared you very badly?" She meets Ara's eyes and shakes her head in bewilderment. "I have no clue what is going on...What do we do with him? He's obviously well taken care of. He belongs to somebody."

After offering his apologies, Ian turns about and heads to back room to do what he can with his pet. "Pardon me, I've got to go take care of him or he'll be a wreck for the rest of the night."

Alright, Ian. Hope we didn't scare him too much. *Jabber pokes his head out of Ara's bag and shoots a high smile at Carlow while returning to the bag* (marsupial thoughts: ...flippy floppy sea spider)  I swear it's a zoo tonight. *Ara laughs and pours herself another bourbon. looking back at the kid* so....Italiano?  

  "SI!"  The kid replies.  Ara coughs on her drink. 

Brielle tilts her head and squints her eyes a tad then looks at Ara. 

"How in the world did a little italian boy get lost out there? This is making less and less sense with each passing minute.."

*Carlow waves at Ara with another tentacle & drops the glass on the bar*

Oh! I'm so sorry! I've been working with him, but he has a hard time holding his liquor. *sighs*

*Places Carlow on the bar as he drinks the wine he spilled* Can I get another drink please?

And I would like to apologize to Sgt. Ian. I didn't mean to scare his friend. We'll clean our mess, and then move to a corner out of the way.

*Carlow blushes at Ara*

Brielle sets the child down on a chair and grabs a cloth and starts cleaning up the spill. She giggles slightly. "Not to worry....if you think a little spilled wine is the worst this place has seen, you are sadly mistaken! He is quite intriguing, by the way." She stands up and offers a hand to tentacle shake before going back to the child.

She sighs heavily. "What are we going to do with you?" Looking to Ara. "I don't know italian fluently. Can you try to speak with him?"


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