A place for those who feel outcast or forgotten by the steampunk community or in life. Grab a chair, have a drink, and have a jolly good time with jolly good company. There are people in the world who suck and this is an escape.

The underground life isn't for all be we are out there.


My name is Alex ,the owner, and I'll be your bartender

Along with Ara, the other bartender


And Simon, the Demon King Monkey!

Welcome to the world of steampunk, and If you are new we will gladly help you with anything you need. And check us out for whiskey Wednesday's, where whiskey is free.



There is an underlying story and/or parts there of, that is followed from the Airship Alicia Grey and The Airship Battle Royale. It is not the main focus of the Gear, but It does happen from time to time. The events are scripted at first, but remember your input changes the script. 

This role-play bar, is a light hearted dose of fun. It has its serious moments but the Spirit of the Gear is about comradery, having some drinks, and experiencing everything and anything. The more veteran gear posters will help out the newer Gear Goers with any questions, or ideas.

The gear is designed to help develop your characters if you would like. Feel free to message T.R. Harrison, Arabella Porter, or myself, if you have any questions.







We have a skype room:

[Currently Under Renovation]

World's End(The underground of the RG)

DISCLAIMER: Chat is unfiltered and uncensored, join at your own risk and if you have an issue with it you do not have to participate. This is a back room off welcome. The rejected gear and all afiliated persons are not accountable for the skype chatroom.


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*Chuckling* No new windows. Not much, my mind has felt a bit dull lately. I'm not sure what the deal is. Have you ever had that feeling?

-Walks in and looks around, dressed in his usual black cowboy hat with the left side pulled up, black frontiersmen shirt and black pants with fringe going down the sides of the legs, leg holster holding his tomahawk and a leg pouch, a cross draw holster on his left side and a matching brown suede moccasin boots and breechcloth- Heading over to the coffee pot and pouring a large cup with some sugar and cream before sitting down.---

*drops from the rafters, topless as usual, his runic tattoos glowing a deep red. He lands causing the floorboards to groan under his huge frame and dust getting kicked up. He stands up and strolls to the bar where he reaches under and grabs a sandwich. He sits cross legged on the bartop as he begins munching*

*walks in from the staff hall with a pack of cigars and puts them in a compartment under the bar* Men. *she nods and smiles* Can I get you anything?

*looks at his sandwich then to Ara and smirks* Can i have another?

*raises an eyebrow and smirks* whatever. man. *takes the plate and goes into the back*

*leaps from his table and over the bar, rummaging for food*

I'm getting it! I'm getting it! *comes out with his sandwich and places it in from of him* don't get your nob in a knot. *rolls her eyes and smiles* anything else?

-Dose not jump to the man landing from the rafters, just looks at him a second and eying the tattoos before nodding in greeting. Looks at Ara with a being smile- Cha, such a lovely lass that me poor old eyes have ever laid on. -speaks in a heavy Cajun accent-

*dives ontp the plate and chows down, looks up at Inmora and speaks through bread and whatever contents Ara put in the sandwich* She's taken,Balfa Man

There's nothing wrong with giving a compliment, Octavius. *pokes him and looks to Inmora with a smile* You flatter me sir; such a gentleman. More coffee or are you all set? *holds up the pot*

hang on a second..if I complimented you there'd be a bloody inquisition! *eats sandwich in a huff*


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