The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay - Volume 1: Gallery of Rogues

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Announcing the release of The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay - Volume 1: Gallery of Rogues

Meet Thaddeus Hedwater and his wife Mary Jane, two newlyweds who share an incredible secret: when night falls in London, they scour the streets of crime as the city’s most stalwart crime-fighting duo, The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay. 

Join them, in this series of five exciting adventures, as they foil the sinister plots of some of their greatest foes: the fiendish Three-Headed Mob, the sinister Maestro Bellaco, the diabolical Tin Tuna, and the abominable Silas Monstrosity. It’s sure to be a nonstop, action packed saga filled with deadly twists and turns, and mind-bending shocks and scandals, as The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay throw themselves from one dire circumstance to another, all in the name of justice. 

Contains five short stories by series creator Mike Cervantes: 
- The original “The Scarlet Derby and Midnight Jay” short story previously published in Steampunk Trails 
- Three fully re-edited definitive editions of stories originally published on 
- One book-exclusive story, “The Tin Tuna.”

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