The year is 1903 and there is the Humankind. Humankind became the dominant species and went on after years of strife to finally become The Anon Empire. Forged by the first emperor, Emperor Conrad Anon the Mighty. The Emperor's bloodline went on for 14 generations to the current emperor. Emperor Aaron Anon the Formidable. The Empire's dominion ranges all over the three major oceans surrounding the great land of Anon and the very sky over the land. Forged into three states, New Haven, Sea Haven, and Sky Haven.


New Haven covers all of the lands except the three major coasts. New Haven supports the lowest economy in the empire and the majority of the crime. Home to many of the necessary resources and the Legion's Soldiers and famous Bear Cavalry. (Yes I added that it seemed like a fun Idea)


Sea Haven is both represented well by the diverse coastal cities and the exotic undersea dome cities. Sea Haven gathers many resources from the oceans floor and is home to the Legion's Naval Submarine Fleet.


Sky Haven is home to the Palace. It is a massive floating city state that supports as a tactical point and as a beacon of hope to all who see it. The Legion houses many of it's flying war machines and Special Military forces.


The Empire has a great Economy based on gold and silver minted in the Sovereign Coin. For every 1 Gold Sovereign is equal to 5 silver Sovereigns.


List of Professions:

Professions unlock new skill you can receive. At Level 10 and up You may Buy another

Profession at 10 Skill points.


1)Noble-One of the Noble Blood who hold title in the Imperial Court

-Leadership, Riding and Diplomacy.


2)Thief- one who acquires items through shadowy means

-Pick Pocketing, Appraising and Hiding


3)Rogue- a Hired hand that completes jobs regardless of moral compass

-Sniping, Tactician and Disarm


4)Assassin- Shadowy killer

-Hiding, Tactician and Stealth Strike


5)Merchant- Vendor of goods and business savvy citizen

-Business, Appraising and Negotiating


6)Ranger-New Haven Law Man

-Quick Draw, Disarm and Sniping


7)Marshal-Sky Haven Law Man

-Sniping, Tactician and Searching


8)Mariner- Sea Haven Law Man

-Quick Draw, Tactician and Sniping


9)Engineer- maintainers, builders and masters of design

-Repair, Upgrade and Salvage


10)Scientist-Logical delvers into the unknown

-Design, Sample and Upgrade


11)Student- Hungry learners of secrets and ways

-Learn Skills from one Attribute Faster

12)Doctor- Healers and men of knowledge

-Surgical, Antidote and Medicine


13)Inventor- creators and dreamers of the impossible

Design, Salvage and Upgrade


14)Craftsman- Creators of fine items

-Design, Salvage, Repair


15)Blacksmith- Masters of the forge

-Repair, Salvage, Appraise


16)Teacher- Instructors of desired skills

-Instruct in Instructor level skill


17)Fighter- Boxers and Kung fu experts and masters

-Focus, Sweep and Tactician


18)Hunter- Great acquirers of beasts

-Sniping, Salvage and Searching


19)Explorer- passionate finders and learners

-Searching, Appraising and Salvage


20)Duelist- bold citizens of honor

-Counter, Guard Lock and Focus


21)Fox- Sexy Seducers

-Touch, Lay and Empathy


22)Politician- Men of influence

-Economics, Governing and Diplomacy


23)Performer- Theatrical or thrilling masters of the stage and audience

-Acrobatics, Singing and Dance


24)Military Enlisted - Soldiers of the LEGION!

-Charging, Tactician and Scouting


25) Military Officer - Officers of the LEGION!

-Riding, Charging, and Tactician


26)Imperial Agent

-Tactician, Meditation and Disarm


27)Zennith Order Member

-Meditation, Focus and Hiding



-Re-roll on Will Rolls and 3 Free Skill from any Area


The Profession Skill Determines how knowledgeable you are about your Profession and allows for certain perks in your Profession.


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Home: Cedric Night 

Age: 63

Profession(s): Teacher, Duelist

Emperors Teacher and Political Adviser

Patriarch of the Night Family

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