Hello. Does anyone know how to contact this site's administrator? (The Steampunk Empire) I have been trying to join, but keep getting "Your sign up process wasn't properly completed. Please fill all required fields" I filled in all the fields, but when I upload a photo that matches their criteria, everything goes blank and I get the "Your sign up process wasn't properly completed. Please fill all required fields" I can't find any thing on their site that would allow me to contact anyone. Does anyone have any experience with this site, or any suggestions?  Thank you.  Ed.

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They are notoriously difficult to get ahold of and generally don't pay much attention to their members. There is a reason this website now exists and while I won't go into detail, much of it is related to the Steampunk Empire's administration and their lack of fair customer service. If you have any questions about finding your way on here, you can ask myself or any of the other admins or moderators found on the rules and contact tab on the top of the page.



Hello. Thank you very much for answering me. What you told me is all I wanted to know. I'm glad I found your site at least. I will stop trying to join that site. I'm having a tickle reading the banter on your site, and I like being able to post photographs of my work on your site as well. Again, thank you very much for your time.  Ed.

You are very welcome :) Please, feel free to join in the banter whenever you wish, whether in the chatroom, on discussion boards, or through posting your pictures! We all were new and had to just jump in at one point :)

Thank you. As to joining in, I'm afraid I suffer terribly from social dis-functionality, ............and cold feet. Ed.

I am a refugee from SPE fortunate enough to find this fine site.  The moderator went non-responsive last August (no new members were admitted after then) and finally the SPE seems to have just crashed for lack of attention:  http://thesteampunkempire.com/main/authorization/signIn?target=http...  Shame. 

Hello! Many of us frequent both sites, and noticed the same things that you did as far as the non responsiveness and the crash. There will be some news coming up regarding that-more or less, we noticed it crashed and secured it, unfortunately not without the structure of the whole thing having already vanished with the crash. We are figuring out if we want to do a sister site, or redirect to here. I assure you we are working on it, and in the meantime we are so glad you found us!

Sadly I had years worth of information cached on SPE (to supplement my old memory).  

It is very unfortunate :(

Our IT gamers staff keep telling me that electronic information is never really gone.   Is there a chance that the old server could help for a reasonable fee? 

Besides the cached data it would be nice to send one last mass e-mail to the tens of thousands of former SPE users to let them know about W2SP here.  Even 1-2% would be a lot of new faces. 

We will absolutely look into it, but unfortunately, since we were not the original owners, I'm not sure we have the permissions to go dig it up. We would love to send a mass email out to all the members, and let everyone at least save anything important. We have a tech guy on staff, I will have to ask him if it is possible to access that cache without the original owner's permission. We will definitely be putting a redirect or forwarding link onto the page if nothing else, so anyone who goes to log in knows where to find all of their old friends! 

I took the liberty of adding this link to the SPE FaceBook page but it does not look like many people traffic it. 

That's rough. Fortunately, I have back ups of all my stories and character development.


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