Hello. Does anyone know how to contact this site's administrator? (The Steampunk Empire) I have been trying to join, but keep getting "Your sign up process wasn't properly completed. Please fill all required fields" I filled in all the fields, but when I upload a photo that matches their criteria, everything goes blank and I get the "Your sign up process wasn't properly completed. Please fill all required fields" I can't find any thing on their site that would allow me to contact anyone. Does anyone have any experience with this site, or any suggestions?  Thank you.  Ed.

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I kept getting the error, so I cruised the Duckuckgo and found this place. All good to me!

As long as there is good company, we are happy! It just crashed within the past two weeks, unfortunately life got really busy so we are still figuring out what to do with the bones of it. Hopefully sometime in the next week we can get something going!

I am glad someone resurrected this thread. I have been having trouble with the Empire site myself. A short while ago I kept getting a "this site is undergoing maintainence" message appear every time I tried to access the site. Now, when I try to sign in it tells me there is no-one with my name registered as a member there. I sent in a complaint form as per instruction but so far have heard nothing back.
After that I gave up trying.
It's interesting to see that problems with that site go back as far as 2015, when this thread was posted here.

Karen, like I said, we actually acquired it when the final crash happened about two weeks ago but unfortunately have been too busy to do anything with it just yet. Unfortunately, it looks like everything was lost :( So right now the tentative plan is to redirect to here and keep building up this site. It is a shame-so many had so much information posted over there, and many of us used both sites for various reasons, but it looks like the site went with the administrator going nonresponsive, and we can't do much about that. :(

Well, may it rest in peace........Anyway, you have made a very nice place here, and I'm certain you will carry on with all the fascinating people and events you started with. I'm aboard for the long haul. 


Thank you! I do hope so. We are figuring out the technicalities as we speak!

I just had the same issue worth trying to log on. I used the email I get messages to from the empire and it told me I didn't have an account. Shame
I thought that site went down and got taken over by this one, so that anyone trying to sign-in there got redirected here.

Life has been horrendous. When we get through this PCS, we are planning on setting that up!

Being slow, I just found a number of SPE refugees on:  http://thesteampunkdominion.ning.com/ 

It is good to catch up with folks but for some reason Dominion is being blocked by some of my computers(?) 


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