Outside the bar known as the Rejected Gear, there's a small shop, manned by one Valarian H. Vol.  Inside this shop is a myriad of weapons, gear, and other wonders.  Feel free to stop in.

Feel free to make up your own gear for the shop, just try to explain it so as to avoid confusion.

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*val opens the shop, gazing at the wonders he's collected over the years* all welcome...*as he sits behind the counter*

*a small tingling sound as the front door opens* Hello? Anyone in here? The door was open so I assumed the place was open? 

*Sabrina stands there, a plump young lady in a cute mint jumper skirt with a creme blouse under. In her hands a small basket of cookies and petit cakes, with a small card* 

hello miss

Hello ma'am. *smiles and moves to where Val is sitting*

hello ma'am *val looks up from the manual he's reading* anything I can help you with today?

Help me? Oh! *almost jumps* No. I ... My parents and I wanted to welcome your shop to town. *holds up the basket* I brought you a welcome basket. There are home made little cakes and chocolate chip cookies and a small gift certificate for our toy shop. We're one street over, about half a block down. Its not too hard to miss. *hands the basket over* So... Welcome to town Mister... oh... i'm... I've forgotten to ask your name. Hello. I'm Sabrina Kettlesteam. And you are?

*smiles warmly, then, suddenly, he's standing beside her* Valarian H. Vol, at your service *he bows* resident angel, collector, and general craftsman.

*jumps again and turns to face him, a little giggle and blush* Well. *curtsies* Its nice to meet you Mr. Vol. If you ever need anything in the toy department, our address is on the card!

Thank you *takes the basket* would you care to look around?  I'm sure a lady like you could find something!

Around here? *looks at the weapons and armor* I'm not sure this is my type of shop. I was just sent over here to do the meet and greet. *smiles warmly* I have everything I need at home, and my uncle provides me with anything else I'd need. *little laugh* but thank you.

*Val thinks for a second, then turns around and grabs a cup of coffee* at least let me get you a drink.  We have some very nice beverages.



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