Why did you choose to be a Lord, Lady, Countess, Captain, etc?

Innocent question here that just came to mind while I was updating my profile and it was one I think most contemplate when they first come into the realm of Steampunk.


Why did you choose to be a Lord, Lady, Countess, Captain, Inventor, Scientist, etc?


Yep list goes on and on and on........


For me choosing to be a Lady instead of a Countess was simple.....Lady flowed better with the idea in my head.


Like I said up above....Innocent question.  I'm just curious as to why you choose what you did that's all....not looking to start anything and figured there are newbies that are making up new personas so it helps to ask.

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I chose Colonel at first because of the abundance of military titles. Chose to be retired so I could explain the beard. I've always just liked the sound of Colonel. Ended up an alchemist though because it was something I didn't see a lot of people doing. The few I did see were doing more of the "Full Metal Alchemist" version which didn't fit me. 

I created a colonel in a special branch of the military that used alchemy to create new weapons. Mixed science, mysticism, and astrology to make it work.

I chose captain because Lachlan was first a volunteer Captain in the American guerrilla actions against the British in the New American Southern Colonies. In my history the British retook basically all the Southern coastal lands and give or take 100 miles inland in some places to capture plantations for food stuffs and textiles.

    They were secretly waiting to see if the South lost and if they did they knew both sides would be too weak to stop a strong fresh colonizing force.

Everyone always asks me why I'd rathe rbe first mate than captain. Well, My character was sort of pulled into being a pirate so when my friend and I started the airship, because she came up with the idea of us being on an airship together, she was the captain. The way we decided to mesh our two characters together was by her crew kidnapping and press ganging me. So the idea was that the level of trust between us would somehow build up to the point where I would become her most trusted crew member and therefore become first mate. So it just sort of worked out that way. 

     Now people sometimes ask me, because Charlotte doesn't really cosplay her steampunk persona at conventions but I'm never found at an event without being Arabella, why don't I make my own airship and captain it?  Well, as much as I like having a level of authority, I don't like having overall control/facilitation of a group. The only exception to this is when I'm in a classroom environment or working with kids. I like having a say, I like knowing what's going on, and I like being part of the discussion and assisting the top as well as making sure the bottom gets the message. First mate fits this well.

   The next weird part of this would be, well, when the captain is away or such, the first mate is captain until the captain returns and often when the captain dies, the first mate takes the torch. When I need to, I can be the head. But honestly, it's just not preferred. But  if Arabella needs to survive, she can lead anything and learn to like it.  The same goes for me IRL sometimes. When it gets to school projects and team presentations for example, I'll do what it takes for the grade and the knowledge. If I'm the most capable of taking the facilitating/leading role in the team, I'll do it. 

   But first mate is definitely more suitable to me as a person. 

I chose Captain because that is the last rank I hold as an Officer in the Medical Service Corps of the US Army Reserve. As a steampunk persona, there are so many airship pirates and sky captains it just seemed natural, also the fact that I ACTUALLY am a Captain.

But my job is not nearly as exciting as an adventurer on a hunt in the late 1800s for creatures of legend, or an alchemist mad scientist combining both science and mystic arts to conjure inferno devices or doomsday monstrosities.

Perhaps I'll be promoted but that won't happen anytime soon. Growing up I loved science fiction, and legos, and adventure. Steampunk combines all that for me; I can build anything out of brass and wood, plastic and paint to give the illusion that it is iron or some other material, I can dress extremely well and use excellent vocabulary. Women of every age and size ALWAYS look gorgeous and accept appropriate compliments from genuine gentleman.

Instead of fighting people, I could turn my indignation toward rampaging automatons, trans-dimensional demons, rodents of unusual size, the strong temptation to stare at the ample bosom of a steamy siren in a provocative corset. (I am a Gentleman, but I'm also normal human man). I prefer to hold to strong moral character, even when playing a character, as to not earn the distasteful title of "creeper".

All these reasons I absolute LOVE steapunk and proudly introduce myself as Captain.

I chose Captain because it just seemed to fit with my rebellious streak. Airpirate captain of a ship that harasses British commerce.

I chose the rank of marshal because I'm an arrogant prick. No, really my middle name is Marshall so I created the character with the last name of Marshall and the rank of Marshal. I'm retired because Marshal's don't actually do anything but drink cognac in chattauxs far from the action. I've also always had a fascination with military history. 

I am an inventor, that's what I do. I retired from the military and do not wish for another rank. I thought about making a persona and along the way have left some behind. They just did not feel right. I just stayed with my real name and profession, Tinkerer/Inventor. I need to find a writer to help come up with the reasons behind the inventions. I see great write-ups and try it but I am not as good as some are putting ideas to parchment. 

I have been a captain so long that it has become my other first name and folks act strangely when they find my real name online.  

I've had a few people get upset about the fact that I go by the title "Reverend". They all think that I am somehow impersonating a member of the clergy. However, I am actually a Christian minister. The only things I changed were my first and middle names. If I weren't turned down by the US Navy (My eyes and asthma), I would likely be a Chaplain, which is what I portray.

Actually, I wasn't aware of the commercial. When I saw "Captain. Captain" I immediately heard it as a line from the song "Yellow Submarine."


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