Why did you choose to be a Lord, Lady, Countess, Captain, etc?

Innocent question here that just came to mind while I was updating my profile and it was one I think most contemplate when they first come into the realm of Steampunk.


Why did you choose to be a Lord, Lady, Countess, Captain, Inventor, Scientist, etc?


Yep list goes on and on and on........


For me choosing to be a Lady instead of a Countess was simple.....Lady flowed better with the idea in my head.


Like I said up above....Innocent question.  I'm just curious as to why you choose what you did that's all....not looking to start anything and figured there are newbies that are making up new personas so it helps to ask.

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The video reminds me of some SteamPunk forums.  ;-)

I also reminds us of how many types of captains there are though.  

I chose a Captain for Arabella because she's from a story I've been writing.  She owns an airship named the Nautilus, yes, after the great ship that was manned by Captain Nemo and his crew.  I felt that it was more fitting for her as a "sky captain' seem to just fit with her nature and her chance of "running away" from her past.

Actually I chose "Dr." because I am one. . . a PhD at any rate :).  Besides it has a nice ring to it.

My wife and I are new to steampunk, and are just starting to put together our ensembles, as well as our alter-egos.  While my wife has chosen to be a "Lady", I have decided to go the route of the commoner, and have no "title". My alter-ego's name is Eduard Fitzhugh, and my alternate life does have quite extensive and adventurous experiences. Having lost my parents to cholera while on the voyage from Ireland to the states when I was only 12 years old, I was taken under wing by a gambler who taught me the skills I needed to survive the streets on my own. While most of those skills had me constantly on the run from the local constables, I was able to survive and eventually become quite successful at making a living playing games of chance - especially poker. That is how I came to be known as "Ace" by those who have lost their week's (or even month's) wages to me at the poker table - but those closest to me know me as "Fitz". ;)

Mayhaps we'll meet at some SP event. 

I look forward to the opportunity to liberate you of your funds.


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