Just a general question.

      The only "rule" is that you can set up that particular universe any way you want, within the broad boundaries of steampunk.

      For example, my CR&A universe has everything I would need, like electric lights, indoor plumbing, a growing system of roads (some of which are even paved with concrete, while the rest are crushed gravel, and regularly maintained by, you guessed it, steam rollers!), and even clean burning fuel, in the form of plentiful natural gas (At least in The United States).  (I did figure a way to make petroleum scarce, and thus expensive, so it's pretty much out of bounds there.)  There are even wireless telephones, courtesy of Nathan B. Stubblefield.  (Look him up.  He, and his inventions are real.)  I'd definitely live there (it's 1905 - 1908 there now) if I could.  It's a place I'd feel more at home in than, well, here!

      So, would anyone else choose a steampunk world to live in?

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