Alas crewmembers of the Dragonfly, the ship has been in the mire for a little more than a year. Our Captain has been declared MIA and has taken the rum with him, and mostly likely ladies that are of questionable morals/professional services.

Thus I shall lead this gallant crew to new heights! Until such time as people get bored or I have been shanghaied and/or torched.

This Spring, all new episodes, digitally re-mastered director's cut of SHENNANIGANS OF THE FRS DRAGONFLY,  coming this Spring.

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*raises glass full of water* Hurrah, Captain Edward! I do believe our first shenanigans filled mission shall be to locate and procure some more rum! 

Also...*looks around* Quite a few of our dedicated crew members seem to have run off with the Captain! We must use the rum we procure to lure in new recruits!!

We will simply have to recruit Lady Bri! The Dragonfly will not exclusively be for combat and piracy... though that is fun, but sailing the skies in search of adventure filled with theme music, danger, debauchery, lewd sarcastic comments, and mostly likely drinking of intoxicating beverages.

There ia NO DOUBT we have some scallywags who are very willing to be involved in said behavior. 

*salutes and giggles*Aye Aye, Captain! I must say...I am quite thrilled at this turn of events. Perhaps with less looting I won't have to be chasing the boys about, constantly trying to patch everyone up! Who knows....we might even find the old captain one of these days! *she winks cheekily*


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