Since March of 2013, when I had originally became a member of WTS, I have made several associations and friends in the steampunk community both actual and online. I have been able to do this through attending events, being a vendor at conventions, and through joining and/or administrating steampunk themed group pages on Facebook.

From that time to now, the date being August 16, 2016, I have decided to return to WTS for the purpose remembering what it was about Steampunk that I loved. Namely the imagination of it, music, couture, artistry, contraptions, fictional weapons, and cosplay of it all.

It seems to me, on Facebook anyway, that there are those who would be counted as steampunk monarchy and elitist, whether actual or imagined that chose to bicker about the validity of anything created as being actual "steampunk".

I never cared to enter these conversations and don't recall ever being in question here among a small group of enthusiasts. Thus my hiatus from WTS is ended and I plan to migrate back to the chats, the forums, the posting of pictures and projects, and the people that do not take themselves serious.

I very much support Alex and Ashley and wish to bring as many of my steampunk friends to this group as my limited influence can manage.

I haven't deleted Facebook, because I'm an addict like everybody else, but I'll choose to do my role playing and fun story telling here.

Sincerely and very respectfully,

Edward Leviticus

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Oh Eddie, thank you love :)
It is one of the reasons that as much as facebook is awesome for real life event planning, we have kept this place afloat, even through the quiet seasons when everyone gets tied up in real life drama, distraction, and hardships that keep them away from here. It is a little online "home" base for so many, and we strive to keep it judgement free. Short of a troup of modern circus clowns that are decidedly not even trying to be steampunk, we will never tell someone that their take on steampunk is wrong. This place, after all, is called "Welcometosteampunk" not "SteampunkEliteOnly:newbies and weirdos keep out!"

    I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are proud and honored to be the place you have come to for a welcoming atmosphere. It definitely shows that we're succeeding in our mission of creating a judgement-free  community that doesn't stamp on the creative flames who join this beautiful sub-culture.and I can't wait to see you around more often, Eddie. You're a wonderfully funny and unique character and it will be a joy to have you back in the community here. I look forward to seeing your content around. 



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