I started this discussion to see which soaps people prefer and , where to get them.



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I love well groomed facial hair be it moustache or beard BUT it can't be bristly! Harmony Men's Formals Shop right next to my own sells wonderful cocunut based shaving soap, moustache wax and an incredible beard oil that leaves my husband facial hair very soft and not at all greasy! Laurie does not yet have a website, but I'm working on her! Just a lady's point of view.

That's the idea. Find out what ladies think and use said knowledge to better our selves....lol.

I like the labels novelty if nothing else.

I tend to like companies who make a matching aftershave scent.

Just for those pirate folk about in here.

Love it

I get most of my shaving supplies from Duluth Trading. They no longer carry the pine tar soap, but the Big *** Bricks seems to be as good.


I'm a fan of Duluth myself.

I am still looking for a good beard oil to use but for shaving soap I prefer my custom made batches of cedar scented soap made by my dear friend at http://www.thesoappimp.com .

He also happens to be where I buy my regular soap too. If you do decide to order from him tell him Snaebjorn sent you.

Check out:  https://squareup.com/store/dr-mikes-shaving-emporium

"Dr" Mike is one of us and offers some unique products.

"Shave Soap - Dr. Mike's Old Fashioned Cocktail
The Old Fashioned Cocktail. Classic and original. Good Bourbon. With orange, subtle hints of cherry, and the herbal symphony of bitters. At first, the scent of orange essential oil will lift your spirit, while the earthiness of good bourbon provides a solid foundation to the fragrance this soap delivers. A basic, simple shave soap – made with care and the hopes of bringing a moment of 60’s “Mad Men” style with a dash of classic Americana."


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