In 1847 William Samuel Henson patented the "comb tooth guard or protector" for razors then the T-handled razor.  T-handled safety razors did not really go into production until the 1880s.  These had a wedge shaped resharpenable blade.  Disposable blades are credited to King Camp Gillette who applied for the patent in 1901. 

William Samuel Henson was quite the SteamPunk. 

Henson William 01 edited.jpg

He invented a number of things including a light weight steam engine and the Henson Aerial Steam Carriage in 1842 (pictured above) which appears to have had adequate control surfaces and power to have actually flown if he could have generated the investments to build one of these 150' wingspanned aircraft. 

[Image: 1847-HensonPat2.jpg]

The 1847 T-handled Henson safety razor. 

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