I personally am a 2nd Edition TSR Dungeons and Dragons man myself. Although West End Games Star Wars 2nd Edition was so freaking awesome and easy.

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I never did get to play Dungeons and Dragons.  When I finally had a chance to play, the dungeon master took 3 hours to explain the whole thing and I had to leave.

I still have my little brown D&D books but took to AD&D most.  I have tried many games but like RuneQuest (AH version) best even though it is over the heads of many players.  


I have not gotten to try this yet but it would look promising (if I had that level of players).

It was a bit before my time but I’ve luckily also gotten to play through some of the old TSR campaigns. There was one module (but for the life of me I can’t remember if it was AD&D or just regular D&D) called “The Titan” or something of that sort. It was one of the campier ones I’ve played but it basically was the PCs going into this giant brass automaton that threatened a village, and the goal is to travel to the head and shut it down from the inside. Sadly the session stagnated as it the plot was picking up so I don’t know whether the entire thing is built like an automaton or not but it had a very pulp retro sci-fi feel to it (ignoring the medieval village).


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