We have a local tradition of hosting SteamPunk murder mysteries so this is a place to cache more ideas.


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This is the murder mystery that I am running on New Years.  It plays like a simplified WWP larp using rock-paper-scissors for combat.  Extra people can die.  I need to read through the rules enough to post a FB page and take bids for characters soon. 

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Since it is not my house I probably will not let the players run amok with NERF guns.  ;-)

This MM was selected some time ago by our hostess and should be fun.  I noticed this possibility for future games:  http://mymysteryparty.com/back-in-time-for-murder-time-travel-myste... 

Do we happen to have any Steampunk Murder Mystery writers here?  Otherwise, does anyone happen to have any recommendations for a New Years Eve SteamPunk Murder Mystery this year?  Probably 12-24 players in a roomy home with food.

This YouTube series (and last year's awful & expensive MM) is encouraging me to write my own MM scrip for this New Year's Eve Sp party.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWZ4YcCA3-0

Since none of my players are on W2SP, the story outline is an 1890s era SP party which is a Camelot-ish Murder Mystery.  So a murder mystery within a murder mystery.  Costumes can be SP, medieval, or SP doing mediocre medieval.  Thoughts? 

Slooowly fleshing out character lists.  Most SP players will also be playing Camelot characters.  I am making as many characters as possible male or female since we do not know who all is showing up. 

The Camelot victim is easy since most of Camelot wishes that he had drowned when he tried to walk across the Channel from France. 

I am tempted to make the only real death an actual suicide with the game within a game making everyone hyper suspicious.  Insults and accusations could be settled with tea dueling since all weapons will be checked before boarding the airship. 

One of the players made an off the cuff comment that made me realize that it is OK to make this way over the top SP like a dinner mystery on an airship with various borrowed historical and fictional characters.  Again, any suggestions? 


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