We have a local tradition of hosting SteamPunk murder mysteries so this is a place to cache more ideas.


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This is the murder mystery that I am running on New Years.  It plays like a simplified WWP larp using rock-paper-scissors for combat.  Extra people can die.  I need to read through the rules enough to post a FB page and take bids for characters soon. 

Image result for curse of the pharaoh murder mystery

Since it is not my house I probably will not let the players run amok with NERF guns.  ;-)

This MM was selected some time ago by our hostess and should be fun.  I noticed this possibility for future games:  http://mymysteryparty.com/back-in-time-for-murder-time-travel-myste... 

Do we happen to have any Steampunk Murder Mystery writers here?  Otherwise, does anyone happen to have any recommendations for a New Years Eve SteamPunk Murder Mystery this year?  Probably 12-24 players in a roomy home with food.

This YouTube series (and last year's awful & expensive MM) is encouraging me to write my own MM scrip for this New Year's Eve Sp party.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWZ4YcCA3-0

Since none of my players are on W2SP, the story outline is an 1890s era SP party which is a Camelot-ish Murder Mystery.  So a murder mystery within a murder mystery.  Costumes can be SP, medieval, or SP doing mediocre medieval.  Thoughts? 


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