So I had to tie my sister into her corset for Watch City festival and boy, was that an interesting process. she had to talk me through the correct way of doing it.(apparently there is one. pardon my ignorance :/) Being an airship pirate, corsets get in the way, I need to bend down and twist and curl into a ball or whatever so my torso has to be available for that. Therefore, I don't really wear corsets.




I figured a discussion should be created for corset care. How to tie one up, proper storage, lacing, up...hell...creation, etc. Tips on how to keep your corsets happy. go crazy!!

                                              See you in the sky (or maybe this time the sewing room?),

                                                          Arabella Porter

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I have made so many corsets! And yes, there is so much that goes into it.  I personally love them and love to wear them, but I tend to lean towards the Edwardian S Curve myself which is worn under your clothing. 

 It's almost like a culture. O.o so many terms and techniques. I'm sure there's plenty of books written out there.

I own soooo many books that have historically accurate stuff in them about corsets. I just shift through them until I find what I am looking for. Dover is a great company for historically accurate books.


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