Just found out about this one. Looks really good.


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Perhaps for those who may enjoy an inexpert effort at grandiose effect falling far short of it's goal. Still, kept me awake.


This one was so ripe it turned into bourbon with a beer chaser.

I've only seen the trailer so far, but it looks great.

And here's the link for the site.


Dammit...only planned on checking the first 10-15 minutes and got drawn in. Animation, genre, casting, production...it's friggin' insane.


Just released and I see this one being a favorite among our young ladies...


I haven't yet been able to find a full version, only the trailer in english dubbing, but it sure has my interest.

I hold Gerard Depardieu in as high regards as Irons, Reed and Ferrer. Rather fine cinema here considering the genre...

What fantasticly colourful news I've received today. Cirque du Soleil's latest offering is called Kurios, Cabinet of Curiosities, ala' steampunk eccentricities.


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