So the story picks up in London. So lets begin.

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Once the sails had been furled Felix approached the control panel. Hissing steam, grinding gears, rolling pulleys, inflating balloons. All sounds that filled the air as the hatches on the deck opened up and balloons rose out of the compartments. "Brace yourselves!" The ship lurched groaned and the sound of running water turned into the sound of propellers whirring. The bow of the ship was rising to the still starry sky at a 20 degree angle. After a few minutes the ship finally leveled out. "Jack, set out heading North. Towards Zane's house near the Loch," The giant nodded at Felix's words. Felix adjusted his trenchcoat and headed for the engineering spaces.

Phoebe approached Ara and Tim, "Arabella, Timothy breakfast shall be in exactly 30 minutes." She bowed and headed for the kitchen.

Down in the engineering space, Felix sat at his desk staring at a picture of Alicia. He kissed it and detached one of his legs. 

Tim braced himself as the ship rose in to the air and buttoned his coat and held the brim of his hat as the wind blew past them with the gaining altitude. He walked to the edge, past Ara, and leaned over on the rail with a grin on his face.

"I think I could get used to this"

He took in the view for a few moments and then turned and walked back to ara as Phoebe approached.

"Arabella, Timothy, breakfast shall be in exactly 30 minutes." She said before she bowed and walked away.

" that is something I could definitely go for. Thanks love" Tim said, turning to Ara "Especially after our eventful morning, wouldn't you say? Thanks again for that fine turn of events" He said with a wink, pulling out one of the cigars he had acquired earlier.

"What do you think is on the menu?" Tim asked, before placing the stick in his mouth and lighting it with a match that he shielded with his hand.

“Baked scientist with a side of secret weaponry.” She said sarcastically as she leaned on the side of the ship, looking down and then looking back to Tim. “And hey, the trouble keeps things interesting.” She smiled and then slid down until she was seated on the deck. “either way though, I don’t have time to be dragged on board some advanced airship by some unnaturally skilled captain with an ego problem. I have to get to Singapore.” Ara rested her head on the side.  “So why exactly are you here again?” she asked, "Looking for adventure? You don’t seem in such a rush to get home.”

Tim laughed through a smirk while puffing on his cigar and slightly raising his left arm, looking down at it.

" that is interesting. As of right now, I'm afraid it's going to take a little longer for me to get back there than it did for me to arrive. Plus, I just got here and look at all the fun I've had" Tim said with a smirk and turning around leaning on the rail.

"So you are right, in a sense. I am in no hurry to get home and I also don't mind the change of scenery." He said puffing on the cigar chuckling." I've never really had a hard time finding adventure. This could even prove to be a little relaxing" He said turning around again" Clear skies, fresh know, I could probably design one hell of a ship....anyway...." Looking down at Ara," Singapore, eh?"

"yeah, Singapore," she replied and shook her head with a scoff. "My captain can't wait to pull in a certain unpaid debt. She's tracking down some captain who has her loot." She pauses, "Or what will be her loot." Ara looks up at Tim. "If you can create some weird-" She looks around and turns her voice to a whisper, "some weird teleportation device, you can probably build an airship. I'd just like to see you get the equipment and supplies to do it." she stretches her legs out in front of her and taps her feet together, "It might be faster to create something easier though first, yeah?" she thinks for a few minutes and says the first thing that comes to mind. " Like an instant window maker or something handy like that. I don't know."

Tim smiled and sat down next to hear "Well, dear....wait..window??" He said to himself scratching his head chuckling, "She sounds like Nik....once it happened....maybe twice..." Tim mumbled before shaking off the thought and returning to the conversation. "The biggest issue with the GSRMD is power. Nik and I damn near tapped everything from the town plus the equipment we had in the lap. While my little reactor here packs one hell of a punch, she just doesn't have enough output. I have some ideas for a mk2 but I can see some major overload problems and I'm not too partial to blowing myself up. It's going to take some time." He said puffing on his cigar "I would like to get some work done here hopefully if the captain gives me some space. I'm not sure what i think about him yet. This isn't exactly something I want in the wrong hands" He said looking up at the captain. "Anyway.......Why exactly are you not on your ship?"

"Me? Well, I had to do something last minute to get out of an arrest and then I got mixed up and my captain wanted to leave at dawn and she knew where I was but to avoid a mess she left without me. I have a weird friendship with a copper. Well, not a friendship. He's not a friend. He is a friend. He's just an asshole doing his job that he hates." She explained, "It's kind of a long story. and usually when schedules don't match up I do some ship hopping and meet up with them. This is irregular though. I need to get to Singapore." she sighed, looking up at the Captain as well, "He's got me locked on here though and as long as I get out of London I'm ok."

"Locked up, eh?" Tim asked, eyeing the bracelet. "What did you do? I could take a look at that for you, if you'd like" Taking a puff on his cigar and looking at the Captain. "So what is his story, you seem like you've been around these parts for a while. Do you have any info?"

"It's got some poison in it and I can't take it off or it'll release the poison. I just tried to ship hop on the wrong ship and this bloke didn't like the idea of just throwing me back on the bloody docks so here I am. As for his story, I've never heard of the damn guy. Unless he's that weird motorcycle Santa that brings gifts to the orphanages on Christmas, I haven't got a clue. and that's just a myth anyways." She laughs, "I think we're all figuring him out right now. The big guy, Jack, doesn't seem to talk much but maybe Pheobe's got some info on him." She knocks her head against the side of the ship and watches as Jabber comes crawling up beside her.

Tim raised a brow at the sight of the fury menace, "You do not touch these, understand??" He said pointing at his pants. "Poison...well that is a good way to keep someone in line. The last think I'd want to do is trigger a fail safe. Who would I have to get chased by a mob with then?" Tim replied with a smirk and a wink. "This is going to be quite and interesting journey...that I am sure of. I may need to do some investigating later...I really need a place to work though." He said standing and walking toward where the captain was roosting. "So, cap...what's the plan?" Tim yelled through the wind, smoke trailing in the breeze, hands resting on his hips, carefully trying not to expose his gear.


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