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Replies to This Discussion  specializes in 19th styled shirts (& skirts) for hot weather.  This very modern fabric is supposed to offer superior wicking and cooling. 

I wore mine in Honduras and although I cannot say that I felt cooler I was not as miserably hot as I expected which may mean that it was doing what it was supposed to do.  This fabric does seem to keep me warmer in Alaskan winters than cotton does.  The fabric is slightly stretchy like polyester and not stiff enough for me successfully attach a starched collar.  The sleeves do slide up easily but could stand the addition of false buttons or cufflinks.  

Watch for their fairly frequent sales. 

Speaking of sales:

Type Coupon Code  FREESHIP ( in shopping cart Window)


Hi Folks. Hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend. We haven't done Free Shipping in a long time , so I encourage you to take advantage and save a few Bucks! You must type the coupon code in the box to apply though.

Free Shipping Last until Monday and there is no Minumum purchase.


Still only $39.99 per shirt

FREESHIP will work again until 8/14/17. 


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