I think there should be a discussion here for this.  It's all fair game.  I'm going to start it off with something way out in left field.

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I was finally able to watch some of these old cartoons.  Thank you for posting this link. 

          - The Bang Bang Kid -

      This movie is back on youtube at:


       I hate to sound negative, but it's not very good.  I point it out because it contains elements that could be considered steampunk.  From either 1967, or 1970, it features Tom Bosley and Guy Madison in a spaghetti western with a robot gunfighter that doesn't function very well.  It resembles a mannequin with a Tom Bosley-ish face that moves in a herky-jerky, sped up fashion.  And for some reason, all the dialog has echo.

      Note to anyone who knows their spaghetti westerns:  If the music sounds familiar, it's because the composer, Nico Fidenco, used pretty much the same tune in the movie "Bury Them Deep"  (Also known as "The Last Drops of Blood") from 1968.  (A confusing aspect of spaghetti westerns is the fact that they were released with many different titles in different countries.  I've come across some with as many as four different titles in English alone.)

      OK, I'm watching the Sartana movies (again), and the second in the "official" series has SEVEN different English language titles.  Wow.  I really like these movies.  I can't call them steampunk, but they do feature unusual weapons, and, as the series progresses, a number of gadgets that definitely put them in the Weird West category for me.

      Odd, or gimmicky weapons are a fairly common feature of spaghetti westerns.  They range from plausible, to totally outlandish.


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