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At Yule time I am the Steampunk Santa, the rest of the year I am Doc David von Zeppelin, aka Doc Zepp
I put on Workshops on Persona Development at conventions

Texian Republic

The End of the 7th Calvary Division


   After the Texian Republic's successful attacks on the US Military/Navy infrastructure at the Mobil shipyards and Military industrial complex, then hitting Fort Jackson then Ft Polk, along with the simultaneous destruction of 98% of all the bridges up and down the Mississippi River!  It seemed at least by telegraph that it sounded like all of these attacks were happening at the same time, although they did happen in the same night.  So in less than 45 days, the upstart Texian Republic cost the US States, US Government, US Army and US Navy, experienced such massive destruction at the hands of the Texian Republic forces.  Causing directed devastating destruction of 5 US States Military Forts, 1 US Naval Port, 1 completely destroyed US Naval Supply Yard and it’s corresponding Military Supply Depots, in addition to 1 US Naval Shipyard, 3 US Military Ammunition Depots, and 1 Reinforced Light Cavalry Division, along with the Deaths of 3 Generals, and 1 Admiral, then along with lots of collateral damaged adding in the destruction of hundreds of miles of train track, and over seventy five bridges, and all but one bridge on the Mississippi River at Saint Louis along with the loss of an additional 38 bran new top of the line Steam Engine Trains.  All of these losses came at the hands of agents of the Texian Republic no matter if it was stolen equipment, or sabotage that inflicted the damage.  All caused by the Texian Republic within less than 45 days, of the US States unsuccessful, unprovoked, blatant attack into the independent Nation of the Texian Republic, where the US Military establishment experienced such a massive Defeat of the US Seventh Calvary Division under General Custer at the second battle of San Jacinto.

  In retrospective it took at least twice that long or more, with the US using their Combined Forces of the Yankee Northern Army, Navy and Marines to inflict less than one fourth of that much damage on the Old Confederate South’s by the entire US Military effort.  So in retrospective the Texian Republic accomplish more in less time, and did more damage in less than a half a year, than inflicted  by the entire might of the US combined Military might, during the first half of the US civil War.

   In this portion of the our story that begins in late 1868, after the US Civil War was over, when the Great General Lee was tired of being Bullied by the Union Government, was forced to move to the Texian Republic just to start a school for Children, a young people’s Military Academy.  Then one year later Dean Lee found himself asked by his New Country and  Jim Bowie, Ranger Commander William (Jim) Bowie to once again take the responsibilities of a 5 Star General, only this time for the Texian Republic, and Lee one of his Big  Bowie Knifes to seal the deal.  Robert E Lee regretted the fact that the Northern US States and their Government considered him an Enemy of the Union, many wanted him punished with punitive consequents, and the US Government started action to arrest him and his family, although the US failed in these actions because they could not find the Lee Family.  Because Lee moved his family, along with many of those still loyal to him that served with him during the civil war. So Lee, his friends and family all moved to the Texian Republic, near Nacogdoches.

   Then within six months, Lee was asked to again become the head of another Army, this time the ranks would filled out by mostly New Texans, all of them Volunteers, all of Loyal to General Lee, to create the New Texian Army of Eastern Texas.  General Lee began forming new alliances with old allies oh his with Mexico, The Grand and Glorious Free Company in Cuba SFRNM, NAN, and received the para Military Militia from Canada called, “Volunteer for Freedom.”  Lee also received over 1000 hardened mountain men from the Free Russian Orthodox Republic of the Russian North West, all united with Texian Republic through a Non-Aggression Pact, and Mutual Trade Agreement Treaty with the Texian Republic.  This Mutual Treaty Trade Agreement that also extended mutual protection to all of the member states that signed the first The Medicine Hat treaty in 1863, Then the Mississippi River Treaty Proclamation of 1870.  The first The Medicine Hat treaty of 1863 allowed signatures from most countries present in North America excepting those deemed too aggressive, leaving out only Spain and the US States after their attack on the Texian Republic and because of their aggressive policies of Manifest Destiny and their reputations for being two most aggressive Nations in the North American continual region, because of the Civil War.

   Once the Mutual Trade part of the Treaty was instituted in 1864, open mass trade in all member states flourished to the point that their gross national profits and outputs of each country increased by at least 80% in most countries but for the Russian Northern West, and the Texian Republic they doubled each year for the first five years before slowing a little sign of slowing down.

   In 1870 General Robert E Lee, received confirmation that his Commission as a Five Star General was Up-held and Ratified by the President of the Texian Republic and the Combined Houses of the Republic    Placing him in Command the entire Eastern Defense system in charge of Creating an Defensive, Offensive lines of Initiative and protection creating a Militarized Zone of East Texas Placing Lee at the head of East Texas Military Operations, with his HQ at Nacogdoches TX, with a Subordinate HQ of NAN,  and Command center at Jacksonville TX that held its own NAN independent Conclave.

  After the Defeat of the US Seventh Calvary Division under General Custer at the second battle of San Jacinto the Bodies Lost by the US Army from the 7th and the 8th Brigades of the 7 Division Cavalry men, bodies were loaded on a the Texian Steam Clipper Ship, Texian Rose, a Merchant Marine, Steam Clipper Ship, a Light Fast Prow Ship, out of Galveston.  The Texian Rose received orders to return the bodies and remaining living prisoners to the East shore of the Mississippi River accost the river from New Orleans onto the dock at Ft Picket under a White Flag, and Black Sail.  Even though this now unarmed Clipper Steamer, it was still known to be a formable ship of war.  { Because It was known by most US Navy officers that the Texian Rose was most likely one of the most successful blockade runner of the Civil War that operated throughout most southern ports.  The Texian Rose had the reputation for having the ability to slip past the Unions blockade forces and ship, unseen, making not a sound, until it poured on the steam and just out ran the Union Gun batteries and the US Navy’s fastest and greatest Gunships).  Now here she was delivering their Union dead, also the bodies of those unaccounted for, and the few Naval Officers and wounded troops and POWs from the War who were also returned in good shape, after recovering from their wounds, now in good condition.  The Texian Rose moved in solemn quite, like a Ghost Ship, again quite, as Death with of 5,067 bodies, those men’s bodies that had been lost in those Custer’s own two Regiments alone.  With a total number of 7,067 bodies were now being delivered, to Fort Picket after the massacre at San Jacinto, along with the other bodies that were found after the other two attacks by the US 7th US Calvary Division on East Texas.  Because of those losses before the last battle of these engagements and battles in different cities, and the bodies of those whose bodies recovered by the Texian Body Recovery Teams, after the battles, they also brought out the bodies of those brave men that never made it out of the swamp to die at San Jacinto battle ground.  The mood was solemn, not one voice was heard as the bodies were unloaded onto the Docks from the Texian Rose.  Not one voice from either side spoke a word about anything, until they finished unloaded the bodies.

   A Green flair, fired, bright into the night air from the Texian Rose Clipper.  At that point, the ships engine started, the dock Ropes withdrawn and placed in silence on the deck, and planks pulled as the Clipper heaved two.

   Two day Light Mortar Flair and 3 Red Flairs were fired from Ft Picket and over 1500 Rifle shots salute went off all at once from the US Union Fort, Fort Picket.  The Texian Rose landed at the appointed Dock and the bodies and prisoners with aid disembarked.  As the Texian Rose began to disembark from the remote floating Fort Picket Dock, the honor guard opened fire on the departing Texian Rose and Docks.  All the 350 US 150 Offices and 200 enlisted men all POW left standing on the dock died in a hail of Union gunfire in the torch light on the Dock, because there was no place to hide.  Then the US States Fort Pickets Rifles and the Cannons reloaded and fired again, this time the Cannons fired Flairs, from the from the Cannons, huge bright white Mortar shot fireballs hung like burning light in the sky.  It was then when everyone on shore seemed to notice that a black ship with its black sails could not be seem, it seemed to just disappear in the middle of the River, almost as if into thin air, completely gone within just 150 ft. from shore.   Now at an estimated 300-foot distance from the Floating Docks the massive Clipper Ship was completely gone.  Did it go up stream or down?

   Random Rifle fire continued for over an hour with men and small boats running up and down the River.  In addition, the massive Cannons from Fort Picket continue to fire volley after volley, of flairs, then targeting and refection on the River. 

   The Great ship Texian Rose, a Steam powered, Clipper Ship just passed their way towards the Gulf, just off the western shore of the Mississippi River as they powered up their stream engines from about 3000 yards up stream they pushed south after about 3 hours.  The Texian Rose slipped down river on their way out to the Gulf of Mexico, hidden alongside another larger paddle wheel River Boat pushing three Barges south to somewhere.  Leaving a heavy wake behind, camouflaging the Wake of the smaller six Propeller Prop Clipper ship thrusters moving the Texian Rose down the River alongside and with the larger Paddle Wheel Barge Pusher Pittsburg out to sea.  Just before false Dawn, the Texian Rose in a dense morning Fog, the Clipper Ship passed the St Bannered Docks just up river from the mouth of the river, in a dense morning Fog.  A Groups Union Navy Sea Men working on another more remote floating dock, near the secondary outlet of the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico, saw the Texian Rose pass them at about 300 yards from the Dock the Sailors reported their findings to their Lieutenant Commander housed in the docks wheelhouse.  Another six men in a small patrol sailing craft, one of the search and rescue patrol vessels equipped with only 2 light signal Cannons, also saw the Texian Rose under full steam power, saw the Clipper ship pass them just out of pistol range.  Just as the Sun was begins to rising in the southeast ahead of the Texian Rose as it begins heading out of the opening of the secondary river inlet that they came down from New Orleans through the calm backwaters inlet of the Mississippi River.  The Texian Rose passed the small patrol craft with all hands on deck, saluting the small search and rescue craft of Union Seaman.  The Groups of Union sailors on the floating dock, and US Navy Seamen and their Lieutenant Commander had a hard laugh about that, and saluted back.  It was a good day for everyone excepted for those poor souls, those US Cavalrymen left on the Docks, to find their own freedom, those poor who died on the Docks, at the hands of Union Rifle, and sharpshooters shooting every person on the dock, for the Texians had released their prisoners at Fort Pickets Floating Docks.  All of the men on the Docks who died were Seventh Calvary Officers, dressed in Texian Tan POW Clothing.   

   The North Eastern Newspapers, had a field day at the DODs expense, the US WAR Department were shamed by a Skirmish with the Texian Republic, and many thought this problem might be over.  History says that the US DOD would not forget soon, and not before, they got their revenge on the Texian Republic and NAN.



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