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The Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 2: Tantalizing Trouble

The two sat in the bar and ate their bread. Jacob was finally happy to eat again.He knew he needed a bigger pack for food but, that would sacrifice room for weaponry. He observed his daughter watching a poker game at the adjacent table. His smile quickly faded as he noticed a priest walking into the bar. He tapped Alicia on her back and she turned to her father. He gestured to the priest and she hid under the table.

"Evenin' Father" the barkeep lilted while pouring a…


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All Good Stories Start With The Opening Of A Book

 Firelight nestled like a bird in the lenses of askew reading glasses, flickering while the librarian, Ivonne scratched at parchment restlessly.

“Plague it,” Her voice rasped, unused for hours while she bend over this fragile book attempting to record the various tales and limericks drilling honeycombs from her head, extracting the honey of her sanity. She set the pen down with such force that it set into the wood of the writing desk.

Ivonne groaned and pushed away from the…


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The Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 1: Empty Stomachs

Jacob and the little girl sat on the end of the wagon as it bounced down the road. He quickly lunged for the gas mask as it began to fall from the cart. "Damn roads," he muttered, noticing his breath in the air.

"Papa, how long will it be before we get to eat again?" She asked.

He sighed and smiled as his daughter moved closer to him, "Hopefully soon dear. Should be nearing a town soon," he said as both their stomachs let out a loud grumble.

"I think we have some bread…


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Law Enforcement, Smoke and Mirrors

Soft murmurs. 




Go away.


WHAT. "What!?"

"Are you sleeping?"

She opens her eyes, suddenly aware that he's right. As she shuffles around in her chair, trying to find comfort again, the police captain comes into focus from across the table.

'Wake up," he barks.

"I'm awake." Irritability stains her voice.

"Josephine Sawyer, I've been captain of the London police for sixteen years.…


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