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"Felix, you have served us well. The only thing is there have been several incidents since we rescued you from your captors. I know they did some horrible things but the incidents keep happeneing," The commander said looking out the window, overlooking london.

"We can figure out the source of this, it won't be that hard," attemping to bargin with Commander Valerius.

"Felix, we both know you aren't in a right mentality to do the mission at hand," she sternly…


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Dorian Grey: Sexual Tension (Or Lack There Of)

                  "You're rich enough to live and stay in the posh areas yet you buy your own private building in Whitechapel for parties." Ara leaned casually on the door frame when Dorian Grey opened the door. "You get younger by the year”, she smiles mischievously.  Dorian, clad in a fine grey suit, chuckles. Brielle stands just behind Ara, white faced. Tugging on her sleeve,

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RP Character

Name/Call Sign: steel Skeleton

Race: formerly Human/ Steel skeleton

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male



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The Beginning (Welcome to Steampunk's first brithday)

For those interested, this is how it all began.


grey and gear

From Timothy R. Harrison to You Sent Jan 15, 2013    …


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Steampunk Smut (viewer discrstion advised, do not let your mother know you read this!)

Edward loved the feeling of the clouds in his face, almost more so than the feeling of a woman on his cock. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his quartermaster, Lizabeth. She was a beautiful woman. She already had a slender build, with an ample bosom. Her rear was supple. Just the sight of the woman made him harder than the bronze plating on his ship. 

Her curves were only amplified by the violet corset, that matched her amethyst eyes. He dark brown hair with its natural silver…


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Red Beginning

Have you ever wondered why this is the world we live in? This is a question I ask myself everyday, but every time I think of an answer, it is disproved by reality. Then one day, I found my answer...

I walked through the hallways of the school I attended, Victorian High, it wasn't a big school, but it held enough students to stay active. One of my friends walked in front of me and cut me off, "I think I finally figured out the problem with the steam skeleton!" He whispered in…


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Madame Renard

I’ve never been in a monolingual community before. In my birthplace, I heard mostly English but there was always that hint of Italian and Chinese from one or two families living in the neighborhood. I can barely remember any of that though considering that I was eight when I left. Whitechapel could not have been more diverse. Among the English, there was Russian. There was polish. There was Yiddish, Hebrew, and German. There was always a bit of Indian and definitely, most certainly French.…


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“ma zeh be anglit?” what is this in English? I rested my hand on the table in the galley. Kolfifa stared at me with a stare of resentment. I raised my eyebrow expectantly. He leaned forward on the bench and rested his head in his lanky crossed arms.  “Yala. Atah rotzei lomed anglit oh lo?” come on. You want to study English or not? I tapped my foot and he remained silent.

“lama?” Why? Kolfifa asked. “Yeshli-“ I have-

“Oti?” me? I cut him off.…


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“She smiles when she lies; even if it’s not funny.” David said before taking a long, bubbling drag of the shisha. I shrugged as he let out a breath of lemon mint smoke that disappeared in a cloud.

“That’s not true” Marlow waved.

“ain’t it though?” David replied.

“Alright, Ara. Lie to me.” Marlow  sat up straight and so did I from the cushiony pile of pillows I was leaning on as we smoked shisha in the middle of the main residential area (if you will).  “Lie to me,” he…


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