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The Fall: Chapter 2

The lab was over run. Soldiers had already made their way into the hangar where the new yacht was being built. The carriage house and stables were being combed through as well. From the sounds below they were moments from breaking in to the main doors of the laboratory itself.

Shankar moved quickly around the room, destroying several pieces of correspondence as well as disposing of several vials of one off formulas to dangerous to allow anyone access too. The footsteps coming…


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The war begin

Wil made his way down the hall to one of the suites in what used to be the offices of the bank. It seemed like only a few days before he had been writing the checks to the contractor for these very rooms to be built. The purchase of the bank itself had been no small fee either though he still considered it quite worth the cost.

He sat in the chair by the small desk, dropping his bag of books beside it. The research contained within those books would be of little use to him now.…


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My Latest Project

Back in 2008 I took part in my first, and sadly my last NANOWRIMO. I completed the task at hand, finished their challenge, and had written 50,000 words of a novella. I felt accomplished, I felt proud, but mostly I felt glad that it was over. I didn’t have to try and pump out 1,666 words a day any longer. The worst part was that I had not even completed what I started. I got to the goal and just walked away.

Here I am 8 years later thumbing through…


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10 besten Filme im Stil des Steampunk

Am besten ist es Filme, die sind mehr vollständig offenzulegen und den Stil des Steampunk auf dem Bildschirm wieder. So ihre "aufsatz schreiben 5. klasse realschule" zu werfen und die Auswahl genießen.

Warehouse 13 (2009) TV-Serie Nach dem Speichern übertragen, das Leben des Präsidenten, zwei Agenten des Secret Service zu einer geheimen Anlage in South Dakota. Es…


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