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The 23rd Psalm (of a different kind)

23rd Psalm - Marry not an Engineer, From an Engineer's Sweety (first variation published in MIT The Tech, Vol. LIV April 10, 1934)

Verily, I say unto you, marry not ani engineer.

For an engineer is a strange being, and is possessed of many evils.

Yea, he speaketh eternally in parables which he calleth formulae,

And he wieldeth a big stick which he calleth a slide rule.

And he hath only one bible, a handbook.

He thinketh only of stresses and strains, and without end of…


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Don’ts When Writing College Papers

College papers come with quite many requirements.  You are also required to follow some set instructions. You will be required to follow the instructions given to you by your professor strictly. There are some mistakes that when done can seriously cost you good grades. I have discussed some of the most crucial don’ts to keep in mind while writing your college essays.

Don’t plagiarize. This should go without saying. Never steal someone’s ideas and pass it as your…


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Things to Avoid While Writing a College Paper

Students make some serious mistakes that cost them good grades. These mistakes are avoidable and can be rectified if the student is keen while handling their work.  I have discussed some of the errors that commonly cost students excellent grades below.

The most popular mistake students commit while writing their college essays is the grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Submitting your paper with a lot of these mistakes can be annoying to the professor.  It…


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How to Write a Stress-Free Essay

Writing an essay can be stressful and especially if you are doing it full time. It tends to use up all of your time leaving little or none for self. Sitting in front of your computer for long just writing an assignment can drain you. To write an essay effectively, you need to have a few tips that you can use to ensure that you are not going through a difficult time. Writing while flexible allows you to enjoy writing the assignment. Some of these tips…


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