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On Escaping and Shenanigans

Upon graduating from University, I needed to make a plan fast…the wedding was scheduled for one week from graduation! I spent three days carefully planning, gathering what I needed-two corsets, A few dresses, blouses, skirts and under things for clothes, my boots, my medic kit, some money and a few personal articles. Two nights before the wedding, I slipped out in the middle of the night to find the nearest airport. I took my steam powered bike, really more of a scooter, so it technically…


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Lady Brielle Presents the Story of her life, THus Far

Hello! My name is Lady Brielle, although according to my parents I should drop the Lady from that. I don’t think it’s my fault that they had unreasonable expectations of what my life should look like! They had been unreasonably restrictive since I was of a young age-Ladies do this and Ladies do that, and Ladies most certainly do NOT do that! I’m actually quite decent at most of the trappings of being a lady, but the fact is that I’ve always wanted MORE than getting married and having babies.…


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Proper Introductions

I used to hate taking hostages. It felt so cruel and in the very early days, I thought I could relate to them at the time, being forced into service and all. I had no idea how different it was until I started being behind bars myself on occasion.

     “Hostages are profit,” The captain used to say and when they were from air patrol, it was always, “This is what they signed up for,” and then the crew would laugh.

 After a few years, I found keeping captives very enjoyable.…


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Dangerously Close

       There’s no better feeling than when you see a good ship, take it by force, and then come to find a whole cargo deck of wine from Bourgogne and champagne from Champagne. Well, there are better feelings but at the time, there was no better word for fun and profit. Dominique translated for the Captain and I sat by to make sure that she wasn’t twisting Captain’s words (it’s happened before apparently. I’ve never witnessed it though.) Either way, we made a night out of it.  The only one,…


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