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On Escaping and Shenanigans

Upon graduating from University, I needed to make a plan fast…the wedding was scheduled for one week from graduation! I spent three days carefully planning, gathering what I needed-two corsets, A few dresses, blouses, skirts and under things for clothes, my boots, my medic kit, some money and a few personal articles. Two nights before the wedding, I slipped out in the middle of the night to find the nearest airport. I took my steam powered bike, really more of a scooter, so it technically…


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Lady Brielle Presents the Story of her life, THus Far

Hello! My name is Lady Brielle, although according to my parents I should drop the Lady from that. I don’t think it’s my fault that they had unreasonable expectations of what my life should look like! They had been unreasonably restrictive since I was of a young age-Ladies do this and Ladies do that, and Ladies most certainly do NOT do that! I’m actually quite decent at most of the trappings of being a lady, but the fact is that I’ve always wanted MORE than getting married and having babies.…


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