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The Deeper it Goes Part 1

  Um, Captain...Rollie stuttered as she tried to ignore the sight of our guest sprawled out her bed.  ..It's OK , I told her" Just say what ya have to apparently our guest already knows more about us any way." "Captain, we have finally figured out what that mysterious box really was. Apparently, it's their contingency plan built into all their new vessels. If we disobey orders, they can use the new wireless telegraph to send a signal to detonate our compressed aether tank and well, ya know…


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About Reid

I am a Ranger with the Bureau of Wildlands and Woods aka a Wildwood Ranger.  (Early Forest Service)

Thanks to being in the right place at the right time, I have been commissioned to hunt down those creatures that prey on humanity.  Many of them are thought to be mythical now, (Wendigo, Rugaroo, Common werewolves) But they were once more common.

My weapon of choice is the Katana, which I learned to use while living abroad early. 

I do have a lingering curse on my family,…


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the question part 1

                                      The Question

       A young teenage girl sits looking at her reflection in her vanity mirror. She is a very cute girl

the sweet innocent girl you would love to date kind of beauty. With her big brown almond eyes,

thin little, soft thin pouty pink lips, high cheek bones, heart shaped face with a little round chin.

  Her body is very toned, flat…


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J. Deacon Monroe: How Did I Get Here?

So I realized there is nothing out there that really has documented or explained my persona or venture into the Steampunk world. So lets get the show on the road.

I have always been interested in History, and from an early age was fascinated with the Victorian Era. Though I found myself drawn toward anything that took place during a different time, whether it be books, movies, television shows, .etc. My first taste was with Civil War Reenacting. My high school girlfriend happened to…


Added by J. Deacon Monroe on June 5, 2015 at 11:30pm — 2 Comments

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