July 2013 Blog Posts (11)

Southern Spain(A Collaborative piece.)

Year: 1903

Location: Southern Beaches of Spain, near Cartagena

Dates: July 21-24

     After half a day of sailing the skies and Brielle sleeping through most of it. He woke her up from and told her to prepare for landing. She just laid there…


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Just a Droid

I've lost so much
and gained so little
all for that caring touch
for a heart that is now so brittle

Fate's hand
has struck me
by land
and by sea

Maybe it was meant to be
Maybe it was not
Why couldn't you love me?
Why'd you treat me like snot?

In my chest
an empty void
a place with no rest
Maybe I'm Just a Droid?

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The Aether Newcomer

He panted, willing his already-sore legs to keep running. He knew he shouldn’t have taken this chance, but the prize was too good to pass up, and now here he was, running from the authorities. Again.

The shouting of the police reached his ears. The darkness hid his form but the item he stole clanked from his clumsiness within it, for he donned the experimental powered armor-suit of the Theocratic State of Umbra.

He tapped into his power and willed his energy through the suit,…


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Welcome to Aether, The Newcomer.

Year: 1903

Location: Regected Gear Basement

Date: July 18th


     Felix entered the…


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Stars Above the Clouds. (A collaborative piece.)

Year: 1903

Location: Adolphus's Dock, London.

Date: July 16

       Felix and Brielle arrived at the grey after a ten minute cab ride. She followed him down the pier to what looked like a sailing ship. He pulled out a remote as the bridge…


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Cain Marko: Part 6 - The Torin Brothers...

“Nate!”  Jacob quickly snapped at his brother before he was seen by the two they were following.  “Are you trying to make it so we are caught?”

                Nate looked back at his brother and smiled a toothy grin.  “You know I don’t like doing this sneaking prattle you like to do.  I’d rather just handle this up front.  Really now, sneaking around like a common thief.”

                “Is that what you think I am brother?  A common thief?”  Jacob moved closer to his brother and…


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Cain Marko: Part 5 - The Hellfist...

One months later...

The small ship we were on slowly landed on the dock.  Bloody dinghy.  I’m tired of searching for a damn ship.  The fact I had to sneak off my ex-wife's ship in a life raft sickens me to no end.  Just glad Artie disabled the tracker before we took it.  If my wife had found out we had taken one of her ships, even if it’s a shitty little lifeboat like this, she would’ve flayed me alive.  I’m glad I have Artie as a friend and as a mechanic.  I do feel sorry how I have…


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Should Have, Did Not.

     The only time I went in to White Chapel during my pressgang was once when the Captain ad crew wasn’t there to stop me and I had to. Of course, I hadn’t any time to say hello to anyone which was my intention for going there but I guess that’s what you get for dragging a copper behind you.

      That was my first interaction with Thomas Dunning. He had been at the parliament building to discuss certain legal matters about the opium sky trades between London and China the day that I…


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G.D.'s Rules to Outfit Manners

Here's the link from our almighty ruler's blog post about the rules of appropriate steampunk garb: http://www.buzzfeed.com/steampunk/the-6-rules-of-steampunk-fashion-3n9d

I think that, as always, G.D. says it best. We shouldn't judge or malign someone because they don't fit in with our own particular view of our culture. A person can wear what ever color they so desire and mix and match…


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Of New Friends and Old Friends

Upon walking into the bar after finding myself work at a medic outsourcing center, I laid eyes upon someone from my past. I was terrified-I knew my parents would send someone to find me, but I didn’t guess how fast. Sizing him up and writing a note to Felix should I be abducted, I talked to the man, Sir Fergus Flynn Esquire, and soon found out that not only was he not here to abduct me, but running away from political intrigue back from home. We chatted for awhile, and I met the other…


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Of Airports and Absinthe

I left the ship at a middle size airport, dragging my suitcase along, hoping to by chance find someone who needed a medic. I don’t particularly look the part, everything about the way I’m dressed screams “highborn lady who hasn’t worked a day in her life”, because I haven’t had the chance to get clothes befitting the active lifestyle inherent of airships. I first meandered into a teashop with an automaton/human hybrid who was ever so sweet and made sure I got a nice, quiet moment to myself.…


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