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New Orleans: part two

    It had been a silent morning. Ara had stolen two wooden cups of tea, silently. Chrys had cleaned up her bloody mouth, silently. Ara had delivered a telegraph to New York, silently. They had walked aimlessly around the streets of New Orleans…..silently hand cuffed together. How Ara had lost the key, she wasn't sure. All the two women knew was that they hated each other, they were handcuffed together, and there was nothing they could do about it. So, they sat in an alley way, the…


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New Orleans: part one

      "I'll take a southern comfort on the rocks with a splash of seltzer." Ara demanded of the bartender as she let the hood that she had made out of her cursed scarf, fall around her neck. 

     "If you want southern comfort," a man with a scar on his bare shoulder said in a  smirnoff stained slur, "I got some right here."  Ara scanned the bastard up and down and scoffed,

    "And I have something called english aim where we kill things with one shot. Not like you…


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That old ichy feeling.

     I might have mentioned before from time to time I get what can only be described as an "itch" in my brain pan, usually just before everything comes crashing down around my feet. I had been feeling the itch but so far no insane wizards , no gangsters with heavy artillery , no lame brained young pups with an urge to prove themselves, even the temporary crew provided to me by the Austro Hungarians was getting along well enough with those who chose to follow me aboard our new vessel. She…


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Maps and Memories

       Glass shattered in a dark marble hallway with the mysterious red glow of an oil lantern, swaying and creaking with movement as they stepped, their boots clacking on the stone, into the classroom, crunching on broken glass. The lights in the lecture hall flickered on to show multiple chalk boards that covered the walls of the entire hall. Thomas stepped forward, smoothing back sweaty light brown hair that had stuck to his forehead and the back of his neck. He pushed a board at…


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Trading Up

     "Mr. Steelcastle please report to the bridge" The words had no sooner left my mouth into the speaking tube it seemed till standing before me was my First Mate and 2nd in command Miryiam Steelcastle. "Captain?" his island accent thick and deep, "If tis be aboot ta men making ta wagers on the last capture....."  "No, no " I cut him off  with a wave of my hand , in truth such wagers were frowned upon as potential trouble starters but since I myself had been on a winning streak lately I…


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Valarian's Story: Backstory - Afterlife

Everyone dies eventually.  When they do, they have one of three options: Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory.  The good go to Heaven, the bad to Hell, the redeemable to Purgatory.

If one goes to Heaven, they will live in their own personal paradise.  If they're an especially good person, they will be given the option to become an Angel, serving as a heavenly soldier.

If one is a particularly rotten specimen, however, they will find themselves in the clutches of Hell.  There, they are…


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No Harm in Threatening

    Harvard square was bustling with students and the faint smell of cafe's swept into the strong essence of genius that made Ara sort of shift in place with a frown that wanted to creep out but remained in a blank stare. This was the first place she had come to after sneaking off the ship she had smuggled herself onto to get…here. Thomas had a friend attending the prestigious university of Harvard and Eudora had "bet the balls she didn't have" that he might be visiting with this…


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A New Job


    "If we come back during the night, it'll be a lot busier. You'll get along too well with Brielle." Ara twirled into the bar wearing a black harem trousers she stole in Israel, a brown tank top, and the cursed scarf, with her aviator goggles around her neck. Natalie followed in with a floral black, purple, and white dress trimmed in black lace. "Aren't you dying in that dress?" Asked Arabella. "It's crazy how you and Michelle manage to keep those fancy dresses on board. Not to…


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With a Breath of Air


    The crew sat in a circle around the Ouijia board. They had cleared the big room of anything that wasn't attached to the room, all except the board, the piece used to move around the board and spell things, and many lit candles that Charlotte had placed out of, and we quote, "fun". Fink sat in the centre with the board and looked around at everyone.

    "Are we ready?"He said in his light Australian accent. No one spoke, but nodded. The educated trio, (that would be…


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Bail and Unfinished Problems


     "Yes sir, every one of them." Eudora smiled with a the poise of a business woman caught in the gleam of her eye as the chief inspector stared with wonder at the wealthy woman who was currently offering to pay the bail of every crew member locked up. While Scotland Yard had most of the Silver Widow's crew (all except for Dominique and Mercurian who had been hiding in the secret passage ways of the Widow), Ara, Thomas, Ben, Marlow, and Charlotte Bennet stayed patiently at the…


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Break: Out

    That morning, Charlotte had woken up with Marlow and Ben sleeping outside her cell with files in their hands that stretched through the bars. She took the files and then stood, stomping on Marlow's hand to wake him up. He awoke yelling in pain along with Ben who awoke only because Marlow was screaming in his ear. 

    "you don't have to be a dick about it." Ben groaned and stood with his partner. "Dominique is back at the ship with Fink and the others. We told her that we…


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Break: Dark


    A blast of cold and Ara's eyes snapped open with the rush of water that seemed to freeze her cells, knocking the wind right out of her. An officer stood above her, thick dark hair that shadowed over dark eyes and a wide, almost fanged smile. 

    "Who are you?" Ara asked shivering as she scooted as far away from him as she could. 

    "Your worst nightmare." He smiled and mashed his teeth at her a little before chuckling at himself. "See, you've been stupid." The…


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Random song idea, just rambleing

(Scientist and Sanitarium singing 1st verse)

Welcome to this wonderland

everybody in their box

grab your seat and don't let go

stay strapped in your chair

welcome to the show

(madman within)

you've been waiting for the song

that will never be

you've been writing all along

trapped in your sanity


Darkness rooms, and fire, and fire

there's no way out

darkness rooms and fire, and…


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The trouble makers of Victania

Okay I have created two new characters for my story and so far have come up with the following for them....I'm not sure if I want to make them supernatural or advanced humans or what but I do know that the term "beast" works well for them.

****Twin Beasts*****

Sitting in the shop I watch my two new "friends" work quietly on cleaning up the mess they had just made.   It seems that Jester is the calmer of the two but Joker is more  of the two volatile.   A factor…


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