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Business with La Azura part 2

       "Have you forgotten how much profit we gained in the middle east?" Nate chimed in as the crew stood gathered around their captain in the galley. Charlotte had been sitting there for the last fifteen minutes, letting the crew ask their questions.  "Are you saying that your hidden agenda-"

        "Listen, I'm-" 

        " Maybe you should stop talking about yourself and begin thinking about your crew." Ara said with a quiet calm that made Charlotte inwardly…


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Boston Metaphysical Society Ch. 5 Kickstarter

Well we launched another Kickstarter a little over a week ago to fund the fifth issue of the comic (6 issue mini-series.) It started off really well then dropped off considerably. I now suspect that I launched at a bad time. (Late summer vacations and school is starting.)

But we will soldier on.

You can check it out at

We've got an awesome Tesla lapel pin as a reward along with an Early Bird…


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Buiness with La Azura part I

       There's something to be said for fear. It's one of the most powerful forces in the world if you tilt your head a bit to think about it. For example, when a pirate aims a weapon in your direction, it's not the gun itself that forces your hands to slowly move above your head. It's that feeling that you could lose everything, and not just what you have at present, if you don't do as they ask. People who are afraid are also obedient to those who shoot the fear into them before…


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White leather shoes, fashion or uniform?

I have watched The Knick, a new victorian era piece about the Knickerbocker Hospital in NYC and the interactions between the doctors, nurses, management and even the ambulance drivers. Feels kind of like House only victorian. The question I've got is the main character, Doctor Thackery and the doc he replaces are wearing white shoes. Is it fashion or uniform? I await any answers...

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That old itchy feeling part 3

   As we made our way back to our "Secret staging area " a base simply called "Home Port" another surprise occurred." Sir," my wireless officer called to me "We are receiving new wireless orders ..yet again " "Really ?" was my somewhat exasperated reply. "Where are we to alter our course for now ?" I admit that myself and all my personal crew were at this point even more on edge. "Sir, message reads report to aerodrome in Rijeka within the next 48 hours. additional orders to follow upon…


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       "So what do you need?" Ara sat with her feet up on the captain's desk, once a counter of shifting papers, tonight it was clear and wooden. 

       "We're making changes to the way we run things." Charlotte's face remained down with her blue tricorn hat bowing over it. 

        "Changes?" Ara leaned forward with a grabbed attention and anxious brow. That's when Charlotte's eyes dipped up from under the blue hat to stare Ara down in the dim light. 



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Breaking the silence

        The night guard stood in my doorway. It was four in the morning and my day usually started at eight or nine in the morning. 

        "She demands you report to her at once." He said with a small bit of terror in his eye. "And bring your shield because she was throwing things," He stopped and looked down at the floor, then back up a me, "heavy things. She wanted me to leave and send you to her." My eyes rolled at the dramatic way he spoke but as sure as the sky was a…


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    Back across the Atlantic, on a big island, in a big city, in a big house, in a big chair, an anxious little girl sat across from her well reputed parents, not daring to pick up her cup for fear they would see the tea shaking inside. 

    "Chrysanthemum, I don't very much care that you were deported from the states. It only matters that you're back, safe and sound." Her father said. 

    "Darling, we were so worried," Her mother said. "Now what is it, you wanted to…


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Leaving Quietly

    "I can't imagine how Thomas would react if he knew that the only girl in his social class even remotely interested in marrying him was a lesbian." 

    "You've been laughing for thirty minutes, don't you ever stop?" 

    "I mean, I'm not laughing at you for being a lesbian. I'm mainly laughing at-" She had to stop because her laughter began to dominate the remaining air in her lungs. "At him…"

She burst out again, hysterically keeling over. 



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Captain Silver's Adventures

Silver had found more and more often that her crow's nest watch was slacking. twice she had narrowly avoided Sky Whales and freighter ships. But after that encounter she would rid herself of the slacking crewman. It wasn't until the other ship crashed into her port side that she was informed of another ship. A black pirate ship.

Running out onto the top deck she spun to face the ship that was pushing hers closer to the mountains. "I have nothing but dry rations. Leave my ship be!" she…


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first day

    "You mustn't expect manners. This chick isn't polite unless you have something to offer." The other guard said as he filled me in while we walked through the pillared outdoor hallway on the perimeter of a courtyard. As we made our way to the princess' room, he filled me in on important things to keep in mind. "If you cross her, you won't know until it's too late. She's like a damn shayteen, an evil jinn. She'll give you a polite smile, tell you not to worry about it, and then…


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That old itchy feeling Part 2 The Start of Something Bigger

   As I pondered my predicament a crewman knocked on my door..."At least someone knocks around here" I thought to myself..."Enter"  "Sir, we have recieved a message over our new wireless telegraph."  "Oh, great " I thought " Its already working and I wasn't made aware nor was Rollie, better and better."  "Sir?" The crewmans voice snapped me back to my desk. "Yes, whats the message?" I tried to sound nonchalant but I had a bad feeling about this.  "Sir," the crewman spoke again" message…


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Who'd Have Thunk

            Chrysanthemum and Ara glared face to face, a drop of sweat, making its way slowly down the sky pirate's forehead. Chrys wanted a ticket but Ara stood in the way between her and the ticket booth, sitting on the counter with a gun cocked back at the shivering woman behind it. It had been difficult, finding out which platform Chrys was on and Arabella was certainly out of breath. 

             "Out of the way, I must find Thomas!" Chrys snapped, frustrated. 



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Background in Fairy Tale Format


     I've decided that to begin with this story, I should give you a bit of background on Nef and myself. 


       One Arabian night, as a warm south wind played with the desert sand dunes under a cold blue bed of diamond sky, a young boy of eighteen waited under a cypress tree for his love. She arrived on a camel, wearing a silver niqab and a white abaya and when they saw each other, she stripped herself of her clothing and they made love. In the morning, the…


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Where to Begin


           I'll be honest. I'm not a writer by profession. I just want someone to hear this story; my story…our story. It's difficult to know where to begin. In the first place, I could bore you with the details of Nef's birth. In the second, I could put you to sleep a lot quicker with the story of my birth. 

          This story that I am about to tell you is not a message of complaint. I complain a lot, especially in the beginning but honestly, if it were not for the…


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