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A Steampunk Space Epic Animated Short

Hi All,

As I mentioned previously, I’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign for an Steampunk animated film short based on THE JUPITER CHRONICLES through Kickstarter. The epic family film will be produced by Magnetic Dreams (Iron Man: Extremis, Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers, Teenage Mutant Ninja…


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Writing and Pipes

     I have been polishing the Dirigible Pirates and preparing for epublishing.  The Pirates were originally published in episodic fashion in the 1980's through 1990's - being an early take on steampunk in a newsletter called The Agricultural and Mechanical Gazette.  I've corrected bits of inaccuracy here and there as well as throwing in bits of gratuitous sex.

     Tales from the Black Hart is also progressing well - somewhere north of 35,000 words…


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Lullabye and Goodbye

     The bottle of bourbon lay empty next to her,

     Not a care on the world ...

     The bottle of rum lay empty on the desk,

     Gone...she's gone

     Never going back

     Never coming back

     Ara hiccupped with her cheek pressed against the wooden floor of the Rejected Gear.

     Charlotte groaned with her cheek pressed against the wooden surface of her desk.

     If Captain wanted her gone, that was fine. Who needs an…


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TeslaCon 5

I'm happy and honored to say I will now be doing 3 panels at this yearsTeslacon. The first two will be on Creative Electrical Component Integration in the Maker Room and the third will be Saturday and I'll be joining host Author John White, Cheryl and Jim Trent and Thomas Willeford, discussing meta-fiction. Here is the info I currently have and will update as I can. Please sure and get people to …


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Where it Started, it Ended

    On the corner of Commercial and Fourier st, a window became darkened with green curtains as a tall, French beauty with a heavy ray gun at her hip held the door open for Captain Cortez.

   "You're Dominique," He scanned her.

   "Keep your eyes on your treasure island." She grimaced and he walked past her with a chuckle sitting lazily at a table where Charlotte sat with Arabella behind her, blond hair tucked behind her ears with a red bandana in her hair and her legs…


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             "Question for you, girl." The sailor leaned forward on his bar stool as Ara set the pints of ale down in front of them. "Could you tell me how loud the beds here squeak? Give me a squeal just for example."  His two mates laughed with him and fifteen year old  Ara glanced over to Mrs. McCarthy with an intense eye roll. The portly woman held her finger up which…


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        There were gray clouds in the sky the day that Samuel and Zachary showed up at the captain's study. They were greeted by pats on the back and thick hugs and cheers. 

        "After Singapore, I was sent to Tokyo to keep an eye on Captain Meiling of the Bloody Lotus. That's where I found this sorry bloke, no joke, wandering into a ramen shop." Sam knocked Zachary one in the back as they all sat in the big room on Zachary's bed. Roderick explained everything that they…


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That old itchy feeling part 4...

  As we approached the port in Rejeka, cruising in over the Adriatic Sea the scene should have been tranquil, the fishing boats out on the water, the commerce vessels all packed to the gills with useless trinkets that folks don't yet know they can't live with out. It was both chaotic and serene looking down on them.  "Sir" my pilot spoke up " We are being signaled by light tower to approach the Eastern docking frame. They signal strong cross breeze so it might get bumpy."



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This is Chen

(I really need to give him a different name, though.  Chen is the name of the model/style, and never really thought to call him anything else, but he should have a proper name all his own.)…


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