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Testing of a new swordstick

Wilhelm was smiling as he walked in the door of his gym. Shankar beside him with a much sterner expression. His Nepali accent was rather thicker then normal as he spoke. "I do not feel that you need such a weapon. It's clumsier then you are used to even with your proficiency. Nor do I think such force is required."

Wil just laughed amiably. "I know your doubts and your fears my friend. After recent events and with some of the letters I have received I remain sure of my decision. A…


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A New Way to Fight (A Collaboration between Wilhelm A. Heizeltroff and Lady Brielle Serra

Wil smiled at Brielle and chuckled as he took of his coat and vest. Setting them aside he donned his usual leather vest but chose to leave off the canvas shirt and wore his normal one.

Going to the wall he grabbed a small blade roughly the same size and weight as the one he'd given to Brielle. He also brought a wooden sheath the same length as the parasol. Setting them down on a bench near to Brielle he also handed her a stiff leather vest to put over her gown as well as some leather…


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A sparring match

Wilhelm stood at ease in the gym at his lab. He'd been in the lab for days and realized he'd been ignoring his physical needs. After eating and cleaning himself up he decided he could use a good sparring match with Shankar. It had been some time it was best he not let his skills get rusty. Especially if he wished to continue visiting the gear.


His jacket and waist coat hung from pegs on the wall. A stiff leather vest over a canvas shirt had replaced his usual stylish…


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What its Worth.

Year: 1903

Location: Rejected Gear Tavern

Date: October 9

Time: 0300

     Felix sat in the empty bar, Brielle was fast asleep in their room. He was recollecting the past couple…


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Tinkering in Time

Since Silver was stuck on land for a while, she decided to take up residence close to the Rejected Gear. But there's two things you never let Silver get. first, you never let her get Rum, if you do, it'll never end. second, you never let Silver get bored.

That's just what happened. Whilst sitting in her room throwing things at her door she got a brilliant idea. she tugged out her Ocular with all it's magnification properties. she sat at her table and pulled out eight different pocket…


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A Lady Like Escape: There's a First for Everything

Once they reached outside in the cool autumn air, Ara stopped remembering the look that Tim gave her. She thought for a moment. Am I really a good friend? … NAH. She turned to Brielle,

"Listen, love, I forgot I promised myself I'd do something before I left tonight." She said, "Why don't you wait inside while I..."she took a moment, "do what I have to do," she finished, scurrying back inside. She rushed upstairs," be right back!"

Brielle stood outside in the cool…


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Back alley politics

   I knew they were there ,their vain attempt to hide their scents in the perfume of the street was a good idea but traveling in a group like they were just concentrated the stench of common lap dog. I ducked quickly into the next alley and did a quick once over, few windows and doors all of them closed , dead end lots of clutter this was gonna be just fine. I hid behind a stack of haphazardly stacked crates and waited to see if they were truly stupid enough to follow me in. Soon enough the…


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Stand Off

***Please read Back in the Habit first**

“You don’t have to do this”, Tim yelled.

The two men stood, roughly twenty paces apart. The afternoon sun glimmered off of Tim’s sunglasses as the crowd of the town dispersed. With Westminster Abby to his back, the bearded man yelled, “This is the only way that it shall happen, comrade, dragging my carcass through the streets.” In a thick Russian accent.

All was silent aside from the shrieks of the few still dispersing town…


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