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Wow, welcome to Steampunk Indeed.

So, I just got a 24-hour suspension from the chat for arguing that those who are happy with using the Laughing Moon Frock Coat pattern are ignorant to the fact that it doesn't create a real frock coat, and thus would not be happy if they were aware of the differences. I wouldn't back down from my position so they kicked me.

Now I sort of understand what Sator of cutterandtailor.com was up against and why he banned talk of costume tailoring. I have the first bit of sympathy for…


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Awkward Awakening

               It had been a month since Ara found herself in David's study. No...maybe it just felt like a month. There were no more questions about trust, no more dense silences, and sometimes Arabella felt as though the mutiny had all been a dream. Whoever David was on the S.S Silver Widow, was no longer around. Everyone seemed to get along ok and the although she had expected the idea of equal treatment to be more talk than practice, somehow, it worked and even felt natural. Jabber…


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Lost and Found


      "Relax." David said with his feet propped up on his desk and his hood over his eyes.

      "You want me to relax?"

      "Yeah, you're being loud." He replied in a slightly whiny tone as he dropped his hood down around his neck. Ara stared for a moment at a human skull that sat at the corner of his desk. "That's Peter. He was the captain of this ship before I was."

       "Where am I?" Ara crossed her arms.

       "The P.A.S Nyctimene."  She had…


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Character Spotlight: Phobos of Mars

Hi All,

The crowd funding campaign for a Steampunk Animated short based on The Jupiter Chronicles, is now live! In light of this, here is today's character spotlight:

Phobos of Mars

Phobos: Emperor Timor Phobos: Male, Martian, Height: 7’ Weight: 310 Description: Spitter Dino. Emperor…


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Help Make a Steampunk Animated Film Short!

Hey Chroniclers!

The Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for the animated film short based on THE JUPITER CHRONICLES is now live! Join Ian and Callie Castillo as they are rocketed to an imprisoned world powered by steam as they search for the answer to the one looming question that has plagued them for five years. . .

. . .why did their father…


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The Black Souls.

        Bo'Dean goes to the tool box, and gets his cane out. His wasn't like Dusten's, in the fact that it was made of iron wood and had a ram skull on it, while Dusten's was made of Dog Wood. Big Louie's cane was also different, as the skull head on it was also not of a human, but was of a ox. "Why are ya'll's cane different from mine; why are there different heads?" asked Dusten. Bo'Dean replied, "I have a ram because I am head strong, Big Louie has ox because he's as strong as one, and…


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Meet the Engineer.

     Arriving at the station, Dusten goes and asks for a ticket. Mick had given him a reaper's pass, which enables a reaper to travel on the train freely. The station master see's the pass and the tells him, '' you don't need a ticket boy, you got the pass, just hop on." Dusten 1st inspects the train, going to the head, where the locomotive was. Dusten was an engineer in his previous life, working for the W&A during the civil war, and as a supervisor for the newly built railway, the…


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Help Make a Steampunk Campaign Go Viral!

Hey Steampunkers:

I need your help. 

This link below will direct you to a tool called Headtalker.

1. Go to my campaign (https://headtalker.com/campaigns/jupiter-chronicles/ )

2. Click which social media account you want to support with (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or LinkedIn)

3. Click add support and follow the steps to authorize the post.

The message will…


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1st assignment of the new Reaper.

     New reaper Dusten Blake Barefoot, walked into the headquarters of the underworld, also known as purgatory; to meet the board of death keepers, for his 1st assignment. The place of buisness was rather old, with rotten posts, declining roof top, and surrounded by crows. 

    He looks around to see if there is anyone else on their way there, other than him. Opening a tall door, with an elaborate emblem on it, he arrives inside to see a massive palace like grand hall. Dusten pondered…


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