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On the Moons of Morocco Prime

     An unusually chilly mist hangs over the port city of Minas Barrbossa. I say unusually chilly because most mornings it has already become hot and sticky by the third hour of the watch. Still, most don't take notice of the cooler temps and precede about their daily routines of fishmongery and the hawking of their exotic wares. We have a saying around Minas Barrbossa...can't bring it to mind just now though. I've been having this issue since my run-in with 'Kippers and Bosch' last month.…


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That old itchy feeling part 5

   I remember being dumbfounded by my new passengers sudden kiss and while it was not unpleasant I wasn't about to be put off by a mere kiss. I broke our connection and with as much dignity as I could muster with Rollie watching and about to burst out in laughter I asked "Madam please, " She looked at me with an urgency in her eyes, eyes I realized for the first time weren't completely human. They were a swirl of ice blue and green like mixing tides in the ocean and it seemed as I looked at…


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   November 21st,

     My Lady Captain Meiling,

         My first mate, Arabella Porter has disposed of Charlotte Bennet. We are happy to inform you that the former Captain of the S.S Silver Widow is no longer a problem and are very eager for our payment at the end of the month.

     Your loyal ally,

    Captain David Brattle of the P.A.S Nyctimene

   November 23rd

      You're an absolute fuck up. Come to the island at…


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    "Feed her to the sky!" Lang shouted.

    "Chain her to a bed in the brig!" Someone called and the rest cheered on. Arabella stood aloof in the corner with her eyes fixed on shadows cast from lamp light that moved to voices on the walls of the galley. David was in the middle of the crowd, writing down brainstormed ideas. 

    "Maybe get her a maid uniform!"

    So far, nothing sounded particularly nice. It wasn't that she expected them to vote for Charlotte…


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What Is All This Ruritanian Nonsense?

I am sharing a few thoughts from the dark depths of my mind. The origin of Ruritania is to be found in a series of novels written by Anthony Hope in the 1890s. They are, of course, set in a fictional country located in the heart of Europe and were never meant to be expanded into any sort of basis for the strange, obsessive imaginations of others. Naturally, I accepted the challenge because I am strange and obsessive. What emerged was intended to be background material for use…


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The Bloody Lotus


        "Enter" A soft low voice said from behind the fabric screen wall. David cleared his throat and entered through the doorway with Ara behind him. It had been two days since the Bloody Lotus had dumped Charlotte Bennet onto the P.A.S Nyctimene and David had taken it as an invitation. He rolled his shoulders back and shot Arabella a slow nod as she came up next to him.

      "Captain David Brattle of the P.A.S Nyctimene, my lady captain." Arabella announced and stepped…


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Thank you for Believing!

Hi Folks:

Here's a quick message of thanks on The Jupiter Chronicles website with regards to the recent crowdfunding campaign.

Click here to read and please do!

I can't stress enough how awesome Brielle and Alexander have been to me. This is, by far, the best Steampunk group that I have been a part of…


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