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The Would Be King, The Wolf and The Pact. Part 2.

The Wolf

Pain and destruction and infinite sorrow

That's all there is in war, doesn't matter when, or where....or who for that matter.

I've seen it in every major war for the past...well...ever really. 

As Octavius regained consciousness, all he could feel was the cold ground on his face, the soft wind that tossed his hair, he could smell the earthen odor of the soft clay and also the acrid stench of smoke. His hearing came back…


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Weekly OUAT Speculation (log 2/14/13)


Spoilers are in your future!

no seriously... if you're not caught up, DON'T READ THIS!

Where the…


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Pen Pals

Dear Captain Charlotte Bennet,

                I am rather excited to meet with you for negotiations. I apologize deeply for my advisor’s behavior and am very eager to meet your quartermaster, Mercurian Maxwell.  However, it appears that we will be rather late for our appointment. The coordinates are farther away than we suspected at this time of year due to a last minute purchase from Captain Sarling of the P.A.S Cameroon.  I’m afraid that I will no longer be doing business with him…


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Valentine's Day


        I went to Leander’s grave today. Being the only grave in the yard with an actual gravestone, it’s not hard to find at all.  It’s a weird stone. Leander and Aurelian don’t have a last name so it’s just his first name engraved on it with his birthday and death day. Underneath the dates, it says beloved brother and friend. I would have engraved something different though.




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I hope you all will enjoy this, I wrote this a bit ago. "As the machine turns, the steam, the piston, and the sound, chug on to a rhythm of a well tune musical instrument. Bring to life a mechanical …

I hope you all will enjoy this, I wrote this a bit ago.

"As the machine turns, the steam, the piston, and the sound, chug on to a rhythm of a well tune musical instrument. Bring to life a mechanical beast that has risen from nothing to accomplish everything. The life of the machine is the steam, the heart, its boiler, its strength, the piston that moves it. For as long it is alive it will do which it was built…


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The St Baldrick's Foundation

As some of you may know, I participate in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraising event in my city every year; this will be my fifth year participating. For those who don’t know about St Baldrick’s, we hold events where volunteers have their heads shaved to raise money for Children’s Cancer…


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eye patch

            I’ve been collecting eye patches since my second week aboard the Widow. The Monday of my second week on board, we ran into some trouble in which a bullet whizzed only a hair away from my head, right next to my left ear. Instead of thinking about my ear, I immediately thought of something. I wondered if I would lose my eye being a pirate like in all of the stories. The stereotype is definitely true by the way. I’ve seen so many one eyed pirates, that if you asked me how many, I…


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Mysteries Best Left Unsolved

      When we were thirteen and merely friends, Leander and I were sitting on the roof of the Ten Bells and looking down on the violent street when I asked, 

      “So what’s the deal with your parents?”  I can still remember how Leander, with a mischievous look in his eyes let a slow smile lift the corners of his mouth.

       “I ate them alive,” He told me.

       “Leander, I’m serious,” I responded in a laugh, “You never mention them. All I know is that they’re never…


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Mary Jane Kelly

                Besides Leander, my best friend in White Chapel was a woman who went by the name of Mary Jane Kelly (Although she liked to go by Marie Jeanette). She had a husband named John Porter who many thought was related to me but that’s not the case. Although Mary’s knot was tied, she still had the most common profession in the area; prostitution. She was known for three things; her absolutely beautiful face and body, her sweet personality, and her “circle technique” blow jobs also…


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A new Bar, a new life

It feels strange being here.  I see a lot of familiar faces, but my own life is so vastly different, it's as if they are all strangers.

My name is Julien McBain, Captain of the Brewery Ship Audacious and former proprietor of World's End.  Many of you knew me as Julien Harrison.  I'm hoping that by finding this place I can have a new beginning; and forget some of the last two years.

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A Leaf in the Wind..

On the outskirts of London, off of a side rode, there was a commotion going about in a large, make shift, warehouse lab, it was poorly lit and contained another structure. Inside the second structure, Tim was running about in what looking like an engineering room with his torchlight. He wore his usual leather top hat and sand colored canvas pants. His sleeves were rolled to his elbows and a grey, hounds tooth vest, lapelled and unbuttoned, covered his torso. With his black gauntlet…


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the Restless Bitches in Heels

        We had to do some business with another crew known as the restless bitches. They’re a violent bunch of women but our captain is never unsatisfied when trading with them.  What I just realized last week was that almost all of them were wearing heels. I have a question for the restless bitches,


        I understand that maybe you’re very fashion forward, but why on earth would you wear heels during work? Have you…


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An Inherited Trait

            From my mother, inherited an inability to take any crap. That’s a fact. My mother didn’t put up with tom foolery in her classroom or out of her class room.  I like to think that that’s why my father married her. I will never forget the day we arrived in London. My mother and I were crossing the street and a carriage came bumping in, almost running over both of us. As the carriage came to an abrupt stop, the driver began yelling at her to move her ass.  But Mrs. Porter does not…


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Friend or Translator?

            Not many people feel the need to question their friendships. I’ve never had to anyway. But when you think about it, besides my captain, I see Dominique as my best friend on board. The two of us seem to love starting trouble, manipulating the other half of the species, and of course, kicking the living crap out of the amateur bounty hunters with no manners.  We share inside jokes and partner up for missions. Sometimes when she’s cooking, I’ll sit in the galley and we’ll have…


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Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 4: Morning Madness

Liza sat perched on the roof of the bar, watching the sunrise. Its warm beams clearing the slight fog. She shivered from the cold morning air. "Rolof isn't back. Useless mutt," she fumed to herself. "This is going to be harder than I thought," she said as she slid down the thatch roof. She landed squarely on the ground and brushed off the dirt.

The priest arose from his slumber in a cold sweat. "Damn nightmares! Always the same damn thing," he yelled at the…


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The Alicia Grey: 9/9/13

For those that want a hard copy, I will keep this update. Also, i think that link is shareable to the public.


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Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 3: Sleepy Tree

"Papa, who was that?" Alicia asked as he carried her.

"That was Liza Richmont. One of the most dangerous hunters out there," he explained as they walked along the road. "We have to find mom before she does." Alicia nodded and hid in his shoulder from the wind. Jacob started scanning the sides of the road for a place to rest.

Liza sat at the bar and sipped her ale. She had confidence that Rolof, while brutal in his methods, would finish the job and bring her the…


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A Home Away From Home.


As of about two weeks ago, I was evicted from my online home on the Empire. A place i kept open at all times, a place where I met several great people and even better friends. I have been kept in the dark by Ms. Marsh. I am not going to 'snipe' as she puts it. My only thing on that subject, is for someone who goes over the top with moderating and tries to promote civility, why can't they give the courtesy to at least explain why I was…


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The Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 2: Tantalizing Trouble

The two sat in the bar and ate their bread. Jacob was finally happy to eat again.He knew he needed a bigger pack for food but, that would sacrifice room for weaponry. He observed his daughter watching a poker game at the adjacent table. His smile quickly faded as he noticed a priest walking into the bar. He tapped Alicia on her back and she turned to her father. He gestured to the priest and she hid under the table.

"Evenin' Father" the barkeep lilted while pouring a…


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All Good Stories Start With The Opening Of A Book

 Firelight nestled like a bird in the lenses of askew reading glasses, flickering while the librarian, Ivonne scratched at parchment restlessly.

“Plague it,” Her voice rasped, unused for hours while she bend over this fragile book attempting to record the various tales and limericks drilling honeycombs from her head, extracting the honey of her sanity. She set the pen down with such force that it set into the wood of the writing desk.

Ivonne groaned and pushed away from the…


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