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The Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 1: Empty Stomachs (Origional)

Jacob and the little girl sat on the end of the wagon as it bounced down the road. He quickly reached for his gas mask as it nearly bounced off of the cart. "Damn roads" He muttered under his breath. "Papa how long will it be before we get to eat again???"

He looked at the girl and sighed a little, "Hopefully soon dear. Should be nearing a town soon." He said as both their stomachs let out a loud grumble. "I think We have some bread left" He said as he started rummaging through his…


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Law Enforcement, Smoke and Mirrors

Soft murmurs. 




Go away.


WHAT. "What!?"

"Are you sleeping?"

She opens her eyes, suddenly aware that he's right. As she shuffles around in her chair, trying to find comfort again, the police captain comes into focus from across the table.

'Wake up," he barks.

"I'm awake." Irritability stains her voice.

"Josephine Sawyer, I've been captain of the London police for sixteen years.…


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"Pick a Card."

She walks into the bar, hips swaying, the air around her tasting ever so slightly of alcohol and lovemaking. She tilts her head to the side and leans over the counter. Dark laughter breaks through the lively chatter behind her. "Well, if it isn't the clockwork babydoll herself. Hands in the air, Sawyer."

She steadies her heart. It's only the police. No worries. She drapes an easy smile across her lips and opens her arms. "Captain Randall Tawnley, ladies and…


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