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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

***please read The Bounty Hunter tales first***

More than three years had passed since the events at Westminster Abby and almost as long since the abandoned lab on the outskirts of London had seen any activity.

Somewhere high above the…


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Steampunk Innovatemarkets Trader Review

Innovatemarkets Review

Investors from all territories are accepted.

Innovatemarkets appeal is their reliable company and ongoing focus on investor education. The company goes above and beyond to coach its clients about the financial markets' functions their financial specialists are also a number of the best in the industry.

Steampunk Trading Platform and Functions

For anyone unfamiliar with this application, it is a glossy…


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They were driving into town, through the back roads, as always. Her suitor, Captain Solomon Ashmore, shook his head with a wry smile at her unusual request. He thought it odd that such a well bred Lady would want to go through the dirty back roads of London, but like him, she had a past that  had only been spoken of briefly-the kind of past that gives one idiosyncratic quirks. They accepted that about each other-some things are just not meant to be relived. He kissed her on…


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Gender Identity in Roleplay

Greetings all! I'm appearing before you today to help 'boost the signal' from a recent trio of friends, Greg, Leo and Bunny, on the Book of Faces concerning an idea for a 'more friendly' experience between our gender-specific and transgender populace.

From Greg, Leo and Bunny;

Hey everyone, I have a problem. 

That problem is gender awareness and recognition in our community.

For the last 8 months, I've watched my partner come home from…


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The deeper it goes part 2

   After several days of our guest and Rollie assembling the Ecto transmitter receiver they were ready for an initial power up and test run. "Captain, " Rollie said with the enthusiasm of a child at Christmas, "We are are ready to tap the main generators, the crew might notice a slight dimming of the lights but hopefully the enhancers Genevieve brought with her will compensate enough to keep any one from being too suspicious." I had to admit this was a on my mind.We still had a few Hungarian…


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Confessions of an Amateur Philologist and Other Sins

Those that know me well know that I was taken at an early age by a love of languages inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien. I will never claim to be his equal in philology, but I do love playing around with words and invented languages. Of course such things need worlds to go with them or they are just dead phonemes lying around in large clumps, so I play with sub-creation of fictional worlds and civilizations as well. All of this means nothing in particular, except that I really do need a life. Who…


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Steampunk Women Tips

At a Comic-Con board Wednesday, Dina Kampmeyer (who likewise passes by "Woman Steam" and sorts out occasions for Steampunk lovers) characterized Steampunk as a type set on "a substitute earth including Victorian innovation." That implies Steampunk creators like specialists Gail Carriger (The Parasol Protectorate…


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Steampunk look

Certainly, there's music, merchants and perhaps a creator marking or two. What's more, on account of Steampunk UnLimited at Strasburg Rail Road - which proceeds at 11 a.m. Nov. 17 - there's likewise a high tea and some sweet prepare rides. In any case, the genuine essence of the occasion is looking at what everybody's wearing - and what they're doing.

"It's theater where the gathering of people and…


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The Fall: Chapter 2

The lab was over run. Soldiers had already made their way into the hangar where the new yacht was being built. The carriage house and stables were being combed through as well. From the sounds below they were moments from breaking in to the main doors of the laboratory itself.

Shankar moved quickly around the room, destroying several pieces of correspondence as well as disposing of several vials of one off formulas to dangerous to allow anyone access too. The footsteps coming…


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The war begin

Wil made his way down the hall to one of the suites in what used to be the offices of the bank. It seemed like only a few days before he had been writing the checks to the contractor for these very rooms to be built. The purchase of the bank itself had been no small fee either though he still considered it quite worth the cost.

He sat in the chair by the small desk, dropping his bag of books beside it. The research contained within those books would be of little use to him now.…


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My Latest Project

Back in 2008 I took part in my first, and sadly my last NANOWRIMO. I completed the task at hand, finished their challenge, and had written 50,000 words of a novella. I felt accomplished, I felt proud, but mostly I felt glad that it was over. I didn’t have to try and pump out 1,666 words a day any longer. The worst part was that I had not even completed what I started. I got to the goal and just walked away.

Here I am 8 years later thumbing through…


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10 besten Filme im Stil des Steampunk

Am besten ist es Filme, die sind mehr vollständig offenzulegen und den Stil des Steampunk auf dem Bildschirm wieder. So ihre "aufsatz schreiben 5. klasse realschule" zu werfen und die Auswahl genießen.

Warehouse 13 (2009) TV-Serie Nach dem Speichern übertragen, das Leben des Präsidenten, zwei Agenten des Secret Service zu einer geheimen Anlage in South Dakota. Es…


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The Fall

The letter upon His Majesty's desk was marked with the presidential seal from the Grand Republic of America. It was rare indeed for a private missive from President Roosevelt. Rarely were their talks of any significance that they could not be opened by any but the other.

Edward VII sat in his chair and took out the bespelled letter opener. Only with the grip of the properly crowned ruler of the British Empire could it break enchanted seals addressed to him. A quick slip of the…


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Papers en essays op bestelling: voordeel of nadeel?

In de afgelopen jaren, is het internet uitgegroeid tot een integraal onderdeel van ons bestaan: doorheen we communiceren, werken, leren ... Als we praten over het leerproces, is het internet nu beschouwd als de beste vriend van de leerlingen. Het internet - een opslagplaats van informatie die…


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Steampunk & Victorian Science Fiction

This article is one of a few that are an endeavor to address the issues inside of the Steampunk group. These issues are not the doing of steampunks who appreciate the way of life, yet of the individuals who wish to just make benefit from it.

It's a typical misguided judgment that steampunk is Victorian Science Fiction. I completely trusted this confusion until I found what I accept to be reality. I trust this in light of the fact…


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The Doldrums

I find myself wishing I had something interesting to post, other than travelogues of lovely Ruritania, but alas such is not the case. The Muses have abandoned me and I sit alone in my study pondering adventures to Mars and other equally bizarre matters. I have never been a talented writer, so any hope of turning this mass of background material into something more than random scribblings seems a forlorn hope. Oh Ghost of Tolkien, rescue me!

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It’s midnight a young man in his mid 20's, staggers out of a bar from the

backside. He pulls his long brown hair back in a pony tail. He stands there

looking up to the night sky. "God why did you take the only two things I

love away from me".


"I know you can hear me Kim I really miss you please hug and kiss are

little girl for me. I can't believe it has been 5 years sense that fatal

night. I miss you both so much". He wipes the tears from…


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Last Dance of the Keys..

As I sit and wonder, stride and blunder, how should I, live after life. I play here all alone, my fingers keep me company and moan, and how could I, play the end of time.

Over there out in the yonder, do I see my ferry…


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