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My Time With a Hat

     The Awesome Giant Bear got his start in crime-fighting as a P.I. in Tampa, ursine memory not being more than an extension our sense of smell, I'll say maybe four or five years ago and a pleasant time I've had. Little old ladies that smell of lavender and cinnamon buns showing up with requests to find their little troublemakers, small persons with sticky hands asking why the ice cream truck hasn't shown up two weeks into the school year . . . Life was full of candied lemons and sunshine.…


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      "What're you doing on the train, to the living?" asked Dusten. "She's being revived" said Big Lou. Bo'Dean then says "We need to hurry up and get her back, before her body starts to fall apart." This frightened the girl, she busted into tears. "Oh no, I'm never going to get to go home" she said in a very disheartened voice. Big Lou then replied softly "you are too going home. Remember, we say who lives and who dies." Bo'Dean goes "No hell we don't, the big man does." "Shut the hell up,…


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Adventures & Ledgers of a Hiraether: Chapter I: The Botheration of a Moniker

She was no spring chicken - she had been dry long enough behind her ears, yet she also had so much to learn. Though her curiosity & sense of wonder kept her young enough at heart, it was life that made her mature a bit too much for her own liking sometimes.…


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The Deeper it Goes Part 1

  Um, Captain...Rollie stuttered as she tried to ignore the sight of our guest sprawled out her bed.  ..It's OK , I told her" Just say what ya have to apparently our guest already knows more about us any way." "Captain, we have finally figured out what that mysterious box really was. Apparently, it's their contingency plan built into all their new vessels. If we disobey orders, they can use the new wireless telegraph to send a signal to detonate our compressed aether tank and well, ya know…


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About Reid

I am a Ranger with the Bureau of Wildlands and Woods aka a Wildwood Ranger.  (Early Forest Service)

Thanks to being in the right place at the right time, I have been commissioned to hunt down those creatures that prey on humanity.  Many of them are thought to be mythical now, (Wendigo, Rugaroo, Common werewolves) But they were once more common.

My weapon of choice is the Katana, which I learned to use while living abroad early. 

I do have a lingering curse on my family,…


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the question part 1

                                      The Question

       A young teenage girl sits looking at her reflection in her vanity mirror. She is a very cute girl

the sweet innocent girl you would love to date kind of beauty. With her big brown almond eyes,

thin little, soft thin pouty pink lips, high cheek bones, heart shaped face with a little round chin.

  Her body is very toned, flat…


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J. Deacon Monroe: How Did I Get Here?

So I realized there is nothing out there that really has documented or explained my persona or venture into the Steampunk world. So lets get the show on the road.

I have always been interested in History, and from an early age was fascinated with the Victorian Era. Though I found myself drawn toward anything that took place during a different time, whether it be books, movies, television shows, .etc. My first taste was with Civil War Reenacting. My high school girlfriend happened to…


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Valiard Mansion

This seems like something a steampunk fan would enjoy:

Not technically steampunk, but it is victorian stuff mixed with supernatural

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The Plot Thickens Part two

    As I approached my new "guests" quarters I was over taken by a scent , I had smelled it before and it wasn't totally was the smell of the incense that crazy old man used in his cabin aboard the Morning Glory. Great , that cinched it for me she was a no good magistrix who not only apparently had contact with dark powers had access to top secret military technology. This is gonna be a fun conversation.  I knocked on her door , rather gentlemanly I thought since my instinct…


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The Plot Thickens

   I made my way through the corridors of the ship to the main stair way, in dry dock under construction, this ship was originally laid out as a pleasure cruiser. Her main stairway is far more ornate than a regulation military vessel built from the keel up but I had to admit I'm beginning to get a fondness for the wood paneling and rails makes me feel all civilized and such.As I finally reached the sickbay in the aft section of the mid decks I was greeted by the Cantonese chatter of Xaio Min…


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Plot Twists and Plans

        The island was a flat topped mass of ice and snow that lingered in a cloudless patch of clear sky. How it got there? No one knew for sure. There were myths about Arthurian age magic and sea deities who thought the island was too impure for the water so they banished it from the sea. Some people said that it was raised from the ground by a mad scientist. Others claimed that it rose after Jesus was crucified. Obviously, all bullshit. Ara wrapped her cursed scarf tightly around…


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Introduction to Lady T'luluh Poulpé & Carlow McKcraic'n

(an extended excerpt from a post on my main blog to introduce my friends & family to my steampunk character)

A couple of years ago, shortly after I discovered Pinterest for myself, I started following someone who had these amazing pins on a board called "Steampunk." I was so curious about it because the pins were intricate, beautiful, spectacular...and I was quite drawn in. So, I went straight to her board to see…


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The Navigator's Lullaby

Only clouds out in the night to lead us back to home

But he feels the right way to sail deep inside his bones

Only he who know the stars better than ocean blue

Will take what little he can see and know how much he knew

To lead us back in safety, never lost nor ever confused

A navigator’s talent is one always to be used.


He could spend all night and day just staring up above

Or sharing with the crew all the diamonds that he…


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Halkett Boat-Cloak

In perusing the archives, current and past, of myriad groups I frequent on this intertoob contraption, I spotted this gem.

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From Stage to Cinema

I am big Phantom of The Opera Enthusiast, so Here's a little something I did a write up for in class, enjoy ;) 

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, The Phantom of The Opera, has entranced audiences since the moment it was released on stage. Still being shown for the past twenty-six years, it was only a matter of time before it was to make it to the film screen. However, the process in which that would happen was a long and drawn out operation, as the creator underwent drama…


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The Incident At Gora Behera

     After spending far too long at DuLac's hunting lodge and putting on far more weight than is considered 'healthy' for a retired soldier, I finally donned my best travelling gear and headed south through the valleys winding their way over and under the foothills of the Pyrenees. I accepted the advice of the local hostelry owners and farmers and avoided the winding paths through what they humorously termed 'bandit country'. A fellow traveller of the Colonial Geographic Society, Lord…


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"I Sit Beside the Fire and Think" - J. R. R. Tolkien

“I sit beside the fire and think

Of all that I have seen

Of meadow flowers and butterflies

In summers that have been…


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From the Guide to Ruritania, 1889 Edition (concerning the Province of Zähringen)

Zähringen (gefürstete Grafschaft Falkenhorst):

    The city of Falkenhorst is the seat of the Grafen von Falkenhorst (Counts of Falkenhorst) who rule the region known as Zähringen from their castle the Burg Falkenhorst (Falkenhorst Castle), also known as the Burg Hohenfalkenhorst (High Falkenhorst Castle) from the name of the mountain on which it is situated. The oldest portions of the castle date from the 12th century. Underneath the castle is an extensive complex of ice caverns…


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That old itchy feeling Part 6

   I cursed my luck as I walked to the main stairway to get to the bridge level. "A Dark summoner, just what I need right now.." As I conversed with myself I failed to notice I had already made my way to the bridge. I was brought back to my senses by the shrill voice of one of the remaining Hungarian crew, a youngish man who still sounded like he should be hiding behind a nannys skirts. "Sir, we have resumed our previous assigned course and should be back to our assigned route within a few…


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Stage Adaptation of 20,000 Leagues: 20K

Canadian Steampunks may be excited to learn of this show currently being workshopped in Quebec City.  I heard about it from Rick Miller, of MacHomer fame.

The 20K Collective's

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

Created by Craig Francis & Rick Miller

Directed by Rick Miller

Starring Richard Clarkin,…


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