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A New Job


    "If we come back during the night, it'll be a lot busier. You'll get along too well with Brielle." Ara twirled into the bar wearing a black harem trousers she stole in Israel, a brown tank top, and the cursed scarf, with her aviator goggles around her neck. Natalie followed in with a floral black, purple, and white dress trimmed in black lace. "Aren't you dying in that dress?" Asked Arabella. "It's crazy how you and Michelle manage to keep those fancy dresses on board. Not to…


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With a Breath of Air


    The crew sat in a circle around the Ouijia board. They had cleared the big room of anything that wasn't attached to the room, all except the board, the piece used to move around the board and spell things, and many lit candles that Charlotte had placed out of, and we quote, "fun". Fink sat in the centre with the board and looked around at everyone.

    "Are we ready?"He said in his light Australian accent. No one spoke, but nodded. The educated trio, (that would be…


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Bail and Unfinished Problems


     "Yes sir, every one of them." Eudora smiled with a the poise of a business woman caught in the gleam of her eye as the chief inspector stared with wonder at the wealthy woman who was currently offering to pay the bail of every crew member locked up. While Scotland Yard had most of the Silver Widow's crew (all except for Dominique and Mercurian who had been hiding in the secret passage ways of the Widow), Ara, Thomas, Ben, Marlow, and Charlotte Bennet stayed patiently at the…


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Break: Out

    That morning, Charlotte had woken up with Marlow and Ben sleeping outside her cell with files in their hands that stretched through the bars. She took the files and then stood, stomping on Marlow's hand to wake him up. He awoke yelling in pain along with Ben who awoke only because Marlow was screaming in his ear. 

    "you don't have to be a dick about it." Ben groaned and stood with his partner. "Dominique is back at the ship with Fink and the others. We told her that we…


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Break: Dark


    A blast of cold and Ara's eyes snapped open with the rush of water that seemed to freeze her cells, knocking the wind right out of her. An officer stood above her, thick dark hair that shadowed over dark eyes and a wide, almost fanged smile. 

    "Who are you?" Ara asked shivering as she scooted as far away from him as she could. 

    "Your worst nightmare." He smiled and mashed his teeth at her a little before chuckling at himself. "See, you've been stupid." The…


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Break: The Split

     "Captain, you should take the key in case of any emergency." Ara whispered as they sat next to each other, Thomas in the other corner. Charlotte's first mate slipped it under her bum and and then stood up as if she had been holding nothing, moving over to sit next to Thomas. Charlotte slipped the key in her trouser pocket. Marlow stopped by once or twice with Ben to check in. It wasn't until blinding, yellow afternoon sunbeams streamed throughout the window that something went…


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Break: The Beginning


     In her large pink hat with cream colored roses and grey lace ribbon, she sobbed into the chief inspector's handkerchief. A feather on the hat seemed to bounce as each tear dropped with the bobbing of her head and the bouncing of her voice as she retold her tale of horror to him. He stared all the while with an awkward look on his face. she was really working at it though. Every time Eudora looked up, she couldn't seem to take her puffy red eyes off that man's goddamn mustache.…


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Locked In : Not for long (with lyrics from the wine song by Cat empire)

       Rain pattered outside, leaving a gloomy grey sort of light in the cells of Scotland Yard. But still, sweat dripped down the brow of Thomas Dunning as he sat against the side wall of his cell, staring into the eyes of Charlotte Bennet. Charlotte had woken up this morning with Thomas staring at her. 

        "We need a heart to heart," He had said but after that, not a single word had been said all morning. The only sound was the rain outside, and the leak inside that…


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Locked In


      A crisp, clean white shirt and a smooth, satin blue cravat that made Thomas lift his chin in the mirror of his father's home; his home. Mother sat downstairs in the living room with a cup of Earl Grey. All was well again. He had paid his own bounty and opened up a bank account for his mother. Books of aroma therapy sat on shelves collecting dust as the former sky captain smiled at books on forensic science. He would rejoin the justice system with a container of volcanic ash in…


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Death Songs for the left behind part 3


    Charlotte and her crew stood fiercely outside Hadrian's food and drink a about two in the morning. They stood in the fog as a light misting stirred rain in the sky leaving Captain's charlotte short blond hair sprinkled with light drops as she smirked.

   "Ready gents?!" she called behind her and when the crew responded with a roar of excitement, she lifted her pistol in the air and fired two shots. "This won't be fun if a few coppers don't show up." She smirked and the…


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Death Songs for the left behind part 2 1/2

     London fog sat stationary as Arabella and Jon, cloaked in black, made their way through the empty alleyway, the smell of garbage and possibly something dead rising up through the air. 

     "I don't see why I have to come." Jon said quietly as they strolled through. 

     "Cap'n thought it'd be good for you." answered Ara. 

     "How is this any better than the damn ship right now?" 

     "You're from South London, deal with it." 



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Death Songs for the left behind part 2

     "There's a fucking ghost on this ship!" yelled Charlotte, stamping out the whispering hum of the galley in saying so. Ara nodded, arms crossed, legs crossed as she leaned against the wall, slightly aloof from the crowd. 

      "What made you change your mind?" She piped in, feeling a bit cocky. "You were so unsure before." 

      "Shut it, Porter. Don't you say a word. Your boyfriend showed his machine wrecked face last night before I went to bed and if we wanted…


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Death Songs for the left behind part 1 1/2

      It was midnight on the docks of London, fog drifting back and forth, congesting every open space where a ship was not present. From inside the cozy study, glowing light shone warmly, contrasting against the cold, cloudy gray of the London fog. Charlotte Bennet sat at her desk, eyes half closed, staring at a flaming candle in her gas lamp. It was obviously time to go to bed and she sighed upon the realization that she would actually have to stand up if she wanted to tuck herself…


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Death Songs for the left behind part 1


        A soft hum accompanied by the creaking of a ship echoed through the cloudy night as the Silver Widow hid in a cloud. Water droplets formed on Ara's goggles and her jacket felt damp but all was necessary to ambush the oncoming tea ship. 

        "Captain, I don't see it!" Fink called down from the crows nest and into a pipe that ran down near the mast where Charlotte stood next to Ara, goggles down, blue captain's hat on, with her feet rooted strongly in the ground and…


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A Pirate Lullaby


    My darling charlotte, 

           This music box plays he lullaby that I used to sing to you from the time you turned ten until you were over your insomnia. Here are the lyrics that go with it. Never forget its tune for one day, when you are captaining my ship and have seen the things I have seen, you will need this lullaby again to ease your sleepless nights. I love you, 


    Hush now, my little girl



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    the liquid sloshing sound of water bumping up against the docks broke through the London fog as she sat, kicking her legs off the side, trousers rolled up to her knees. She waited, staring blankly down at the water when suddenly the firm rim of something tapped onto her head, encircling it. She felt at her head with a confused look painted onto her face that wiped itself off when she pulled the black top hat off, shiny and black like the ones you could see at Kensington or North…


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Home and soaking wet


     With blurry shapes that shifted back and forth, Arabella slowly opened her eyes, her mind struggling to work out the puzzle that was her sight. The shapes collapsed into eachother, taking on balance and form; a glowing purple lantern, an old wooden chair, something with a wooden surface (a night stand?). she sowly worked outher sideways position with the warmth of a cushion pressing up to her cheek and a blanket over her body, feeling its presence as she shifted. There were…


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"They're real." Ara stood with her legs strongly shoulder length apart, arms folded and blond hair braided into two with her goggles neatly sitting on her head as the scraggly stubbled man in front of her turned the diamond over in grey gloved hands with dark spotted fingers that probably hadn't been washed in a year or two. Dominique stood patiently behind her.

"Where'd you hook it?" He asked.

"A ship that had just lifted away from a cutter's outside the mines." She… Continue

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Is Revenge really Necessary?

"J'ai la post." Said Dominique as she strolled up to the captain. We had struck gold (literally) in China's Szechuan province and had stopped to use some of it on good food and drink. Sitting back, enjoying a glass of water after her stomach full of spicy squid, Charlotte took the letter from the gunner's hand and exchanged a humorous look with Arabella. Ara, who sat on her right side, watched her opening it between glancing around when there was a loud noise or a funny joke. Charlotte's eyes… Continue

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In which we learn why Ara is afraid of the dark

Soft foamy soap and warm water covered Ara's hands and dripped off her wrists as she washed up from dinner. When finishing the plates, she grabbed the first pot from Dominique's cooking when the was a slow double knock on the open door frame of the galley. She watched Thomas walk in casually and sit down.

"And what's the fallen sky captain up to tonight?" She asked, turning back to scrubbing the metal pot. She heard The wooden bench squeak behind her as Thomas adjusted himself and… Continue

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