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Helping my friends

I am posting this to see if my steamy friends can help a young, sweet family who just did everything they can to save their beloved cat.

Please help if you can


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The Fall Part 3

Shankar walked calmly down the street to his apartment. It had been months since he had heard from Master Heizeltroff. The monkey Simon, from the bar Master Heizeltroff was so fond of, had delivered a multitude of letters as well as several packages of varying sizes. He had hidden each carefully in safe rooms, hidden vaults, and various institutions.

He gave a small groan as he unlocked his door and stepped inside. A light drizzle had begun just as he had made his way up the steps…


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The Fall: Chapter 2

The lab was over run. Soldiers had already made their way into the hangar where the new yacht was being built. The carriage house and stables were being combed through as well. From the sounds below they were moments from breaking in to the main doors of the laboratory itself.

Shankar moved quickly around the room, destroying several pieces of correspondence as well as disposing of several vials of one off formulas to dangerous to allow anyone access too. The footsteps coming…


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The war begin

Wil made his way down the hall to one of the suites in what used to be the offices of the bank. It seemed like only a few days before he had been writing the checks to the contractor for these very rooms to be built. The purchase of the bank itself had been no small fee either though he still considered it quite worth the cost.

He sat in the chair by the small desk, dropping his bag of books beside it. The research contained within those books would be of little use to him now.…


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The Fall

The letter upon His Majesty's desk was marked with the presidential seal from the Grand Republic of America. It was rare indeed for a private missive from President Roosevelt. Rarely were their talks of any significance that they could not be opened by any but the other.

Edward VII sat in his chair and took out the bespelled letter opener. Only with the grip of the properly crowned ruler of the British Empire could it break enchanted seals addressed to him. A quick slip of the…


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A page in his notes

The storm outside rages and churns.

The fire within crackles and burns.

Still with each snap and crash,

The answer eludes like the spreading rash.

My anger grows and writhes,

Each test taken by the Reaper's scythe.

This latest failure the greatest of blunders,

My mind crushed by the doubt it's under.

Soon I will find the answer to this riddle,

Then my doubts will seem such a…


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A revelation by the incomparable Holmes

It had been over a week since the game of chess between Wilhelm and the Holmes brothers. He had been working diligently in his laboratory trying his own changes to the formulas. He was certain there was some factor he was missing. Some minor adjustment that was escaping his notice.

Nearly nine in the evening he was relaxing in his sitting room, with a cigar already lit, when Sherlocke came into the room. The glint in his eye was all Wil needed to know that his friend had found…


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Disturbing revelations

Wilhelm smiled as he waved his visitor in. Though he could not see the man's face he felt no concern about being attacked. This man's reputation was well founded for being as trustworthy as he was reliable.

Wil sat at his table as his guest did. "Mr. Sallidar, a true pleasure to see you again. You have information for me concerning the Grand Republic's interest in my work?" 

The man removed his top hat, revealing his gray dusted hair. The mask over his face, on the other hand,…


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The Political Factions of the Western Hemisphere

As seen on the recent maps posted the world changed quite a lot after the American Civil War. This is designed to give an idea what those factions are made of and stand for.…


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A meeting of the minds

Wilhelm sighed as he moved a the knight into position on the chess board. He knew his gambit would not gain him more than three more moves but it was still better than his second opponent. It was only two more moves until he was in checkmate. The game between the opponents was still undecided. 

Times like this reminded him that, in nearly every field, the two men opposite him were his superior. Their minds moved in ways that could not fathom, even with nearly three decades of life…


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A night at home

Wilhelm snarled as he stormed into his living quarters. His cane sounding more like the pounding of a hammer on the floor as he made his way across the living room to his chair near the windows.

Through those windows he could see out over most of the area around him and clearly see the skyline of London. While normally the view was one he enjoyed he barely looked at it before pulling a rolling cabinet to his chair. Yanking the doors open he pulls out a bottle with no label. The liquid…


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Testing of a new swordstick

Wilhelm was smiling as he walked in the door of his gym. Shankar beside him with a much sterner expression. His Nepali accent was rather thicker then normal as he spoke. "I do not feel that you need such a weapon. It's clumsier then you are used to even with your proficiency. Nor do I think such force is required."

Wil just laughed amiably. "I know your doubts and your fears my friend. After recent events and with some of the letters I have received I remain sure of my decision. A…


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A sparring match

Wilhelm stood at ease in the gym at his lab. He'd been in the lab for days and realized he'd been ignoring his physical needs. After eating and cleaning himself up he decided he could use a good sparring match with Shankar. It had been some time it was best he not let his skills get rusty. Especially if he wished to continue visiting the gear.


His jacket and waist coat hung from pegs on the wall. A stiff leather vest over a canvas shirt had replaced his usual stylish…


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