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Coincidence #2 from the CR&A universe.

      OK, I've described coincidences 1, 3, and 4, so I may as well reiterate #2.

      AFTER thinking up the character of Adele Calloway, giving her a romantic relationship with the character based on me, and deciding on her birthday (September 23, 1882), I decided to see how "we" relate according to the so-called "Chinese Zodiac".  In simplest terms, this assigns an animal to a person according to the year of their birth, and indicates certain characteristics which a person with a…


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Another (minor) coincidence from the CR&A universe.

      I've mentioned some of these things before, and here is another one.

      The character of Adele Calloway has a number of highly developed skills that enable her to function successfully in a Wild/Weird Western Steampunk environment.  She is an expert horsewoman, adept with a lariat, can track, and 'read sign' to an extraordinary degree, is fluent in American Indian sign language, and is highly proficient with handguns.  She is also not shy about pointing out her abilities to…


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