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Regnad and the Gunfighters, a CR&A gaiden.

      Alright, I've decided to post a CR&A story.  This is a short one, but it's one I've wanted to type up for some time, and now that I have, I'd like to let others read it.  It's in my script format, and everything in it belongs to me!  (Sorry, but I feel I need to say that.)  Anyways -

                         P. Aloysius Regnad Presents:

                    A (rather important) CR&A Gaiden

                      "Regnad and the…


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Steampunk Pastimes: Faro, a nearly forgotten card game.

      By the standards of movies, and television, one is lead to believe that the most popular card based gambling game in the old west was poker.  This is NOT true!  It was Faro. (Or Pharo, or Pharaoh.)

      Faro is a game of chance played with our "normal" 52 card deck, in what is now called "poker" size. (In the days of the Wild West, they were just as likely to be called a Faro Deck.)  Faro requires a "layout" that looks like this:…


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Steampunk props: #2 - Replica gaming (gambling) items.

      OK, once one has decent replica coins and currency, one needs a way to spend it, right?  So what better way than to plunk it down on the poker, faro, blackjack, or craps table!  (At least in the Wild Steampunk West, where my CR&A character lives.)  So that means playing cards, and dice.  Cards first -

      There are pretty much two options - the Highlanders 1864 deck…


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Steampunk props: #1 - Replica coins and currency

      I'm going to try and recreate this series all over again.

      I like to have "period" (like there's an actual Steampunk period, right?) items around to inspire me, and to "use" if I ever go to any kind of steampunk event.  Replica money is as good a place as any to start. (The whole issue of replica money is clouded by the fact that some people (and maybe agencies) think this is the same as counterfeiting.  I don't see this as the case, but it limits what's…


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