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An explanation of face masks, and their ratings.

      OK, not very steampunk, but with the current conditions, this may at least be informative for some people.

      Recently, the city council where I live has made the wearing of face masks in retail establishments mandatory.  No definition of what amounts to a 'face mask' was stipulated, so I've been wearing a black bandana so I look like an old west outlaw.   Heh.   But the whole mask business seems to be a big deal, and I've done a fair amount of research into masks as…


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Further coincidences from the CR&A universe.

      Yet more coincidences relating to the character of Adele Calloway, her name, and fictional family.

      I'll point out once more that the name "Adele Calloway" simply popped into my head one day, in November of 2012.

      Just now, I decided to look up the name Calloway.  It turns out to be not terribly uncommon in Texas, where Adele is from.  There are a number of place names, and business names containing Calloway, and it is also the name of an early community…


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